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Los Angeles, CA (LAX) to Rio de Janeiro (RIO) Shortest Flight Duration * 14 hours 30 mins * Via Miami International Apt, Miami (MIA) * this includes transfer time at Miami International Apt, Miami (MIA)


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los angeles to temecula-one hours and thirty minutes temecula to los angeles- two hours

6 hours to fly from Los Angeles to Lihue

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It would take about 13 hours to fly from Los Angeles to Rome Italy.

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A drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles would take about 70 hours.

If you are asking about the Cornwall in England, then you can't drive from there to Los Angeles, because of the ocean.

From Los Angeles International Airport, approximately 12 hours to Narita International Airport.

how long does it take for mail from Los Angeles to get to Stockton CA

It will take abouut a mouth to drive there

Los Angeles to Charlotte is 2,427 mi - about 1 day 11 hours.

4-5 hours from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles then 14 hours from Los Angeles to Sydney.

It takes about 15.5 hours to drive from Dayton, Oregon to Los Angeles, California.

I flew from Sao Paulo Brazil (Brasil) to Los Angeles and it took about 14 hours. Chicago to Rio was about the same. What part of Brazil are you going too?

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A typical flight from Los Angeles, California to Detriot, Michigan takes about 3 to 4 hours.

A typical flight from London Heathrow Airport to Los Angeles, California takes about 10 to 11 hours.

The flight time between Japan and Los Angeles is approximately 11 hours, 7 minutes.

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