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How long does it take to fly to Seoul Korea from Los Angeles?


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Los Angeles, CA (LAX) to Seoul (SEL)

Shortest Flight Duration 12 hours 45 mins

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you can't go to north Korea from Seoul directly.It would take a couple hours, but you can't into the North by car, if at all.

It takes about 10 hours and 30 minutes. And its about 7,000 miles from Centralia,WA to Seoul,South Korea.

It will take about 4 hours and 10 minutes.

it will take about 10 to 15 hours if your in michigan about 13 hours

It would take around 6 hours and 13 minutes to fly from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Seoul, South Korea.

Due to obvious transnational issues today it is impossible to get an everyday commercial flight from Seoul in South Korea to Pyongyang in North Korea. It however is fast to fly from Beijing or Vladistock.

Seoul, South Korea is 4551 miles from Honolulu, Hawaii. A direct flight takes on average, 9 hours and 30 minutes.

The flight time from Seoul, South Korea to Atlanta, Georgia is: 14 hours, 45 minutes

A non-stop flight from San Francisco, US to Seoul, KR would take approximately 11 hours and 30 minutes.

Dubai (DXB) to Seoul Incheon (ICN) by a nonstop flight operated by Emirates Airlines or Korean Air would take about 8hr 05min to 8hr 55min.

14hr 00min to 14hr 20min New York Kennedy (JFK) to Seoul Incheon (ICN) by a nonstop flight operated by Asiana Airlines or Korean Air.

You cannot drive the entire way because of the ocean between the two cities.

Hi! There is no direct flight from Dallas to Bangkok, but the quickest way is to have a stop in Seoul (South Korea), and the global trip will take you about 22hours (14h from Dallas to Seoul, then 5 hours, + stop)

I will be making this flight over the summer. I have heard that the flight time from ATL to ICN is about 15 h 25 min.

how long does it take to fly from osan korea to philadelphia

14hr 40min Washington Dulles (IAD) to Seoul Incheon (ICN) by a nonstop flight operated by Korean Air.

There is a distance of 9053.45 kilometers (or 5625.71 miles) from Paris to Seoul. If you went at a speed of 50 mph, it would take an average of 111.4 hours, or an average of 79.6 hours if you went 70 mph.

In order to get a meaningful answer, you need to say where in Russia. Seoul-Vladivostok is a very short distance by comparson with, say, Seoul-Moscow or St.Peterburg.

well from my experience, the flight from Singapore to Seoul is 5 hours. hope that helps.

The flight from Seoul to Guam would take approximately 4 hours and 29 minutes.

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