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How long does it take to get from Florida to Cuba?


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2007-01-29 19:49:14
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You should be aware that it is illegal to travel directly from Florida to Cuba. You will need to connect through Another Country and keep the travel arrangements seperated.


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it depend's but where i'm from florida it would take 45 min.

Well, I am a Cuban, and I have been to Cuba. It takes 45 minutes from Miami and 1 hour from Fort Myers without stopping the plane.

well that depends on where you leave from in the u.s. if you left from Florida ,, cuba is like 90 miles from the united states soil

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Since Cuba is only 80 miles away from Florida, under favorable sailing conditions the trip can be made in a few hours. Of course, allow extra time to be stopped and questioned by the coast guard.

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At the closest distance Cuba is 90 miles from Florida.

The strait is called " The Strait Of Florida" and it separates the Florida Keys from Cuba.

Cuba is south of Florida near the Bahamas . Cuba is west of indies , and 90 miles from Florida.

Cuba.CubaCubaCuba is due south.Cuba.The country that is directly south of Florida is the country of Cuba. Cuba's official name is actually the Republic of Cuba.

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No. Cuba is an Island and a country. There just happens to be many Cubans in Florida as it is the closest US state to Cuba,

A flight from Jacksonville, Florida to Cuba would take about 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete. There is approximately 617 miles between the two locations.

cubaCuba, for one.Take a look at the map - link below.

You cannot fly from Connecticut to Cuba. Travel to Cuba from the US is illegal.

It is not possible to drive from Miami to Cuba.

Cuba is an island country south of Florida.

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A flight from Havana, Cuba --> Chicago, Illinois will take approximately 3 hours.

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about 10 hours to cuba and 8 hours back to manchester

Note: You cannot fly from the United States to Cuba.

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