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it only took myself 2 months to get pregnant. But my husband and I are both very fertile. so it depends on both of yoiur guys fertility but anything up to a year is considered normal."It only takes once"A woman can get pregnant, with any reliability, for about five days out of each menstrual cycle. Two days before and three days after ovulation, happy outliers notwithstanding. A young married couple having intercourse the usual twice a week and not using any contraception, will have conceived 85% of the time within a year. Ten percent will have a long term infertility problem.

If a couple has sex once during the previously noted five day period she will conceive about 25% of the time.

  • Every woman's body is different. It depends on how long you have been trying. Some people may conceive straight away but for other couples it might take longer.
  • I got pregnant the first month with both my pregnancies but most women take longer. If nothing has happened after six months of having regular intercourse around ovulation (14 days before your period is due) both of you need to be checked.
  • You can usually tell if your pregnant in a week after. But it depends on when the sperm entered your egg. ept tells you a week before your missed period
  • it can take a long time, it just depends on your body. I have been trying to get pregnant for about 2 months now and still no luck... So it just depends on your body. but maintain a healthy diet for better results ;)

it takes 4 to 5 days

3 to 6 weeks hi i am pregant and if my mum and dad finds out im in big trouple but last night i took some advice off my friend saying if i get pregnant i will lose it so she said did i use a comdom when i hade sex i said no and she said well u need to go on a pill but im scared that i will lose it so last night i met my boyfriend and hde sex with out a comdome so i thourght to my self o crap I'll get pregant so i said to him that I'm pregant and he goes so but we did want a kid thow and i said can we use a comdom and he said no because the damage is already done and im only 13 years old and he is thifteen on Sunday

Anywhere between an instant to a lifetime.

AnswerThe answer varies. Several factors including your age, fertility, health and wellness and even lifestyle factors can influence your ability to get pregnant.

Roughly 25% of couples actively trying to get pregnant will get pregnant within the first month, while more than 75% of couples will get pregnant within nine months of trying to conceive. Typically unless it takes more than a year to conceive, you fall into the normal age. Some doctors recommend that if you are over the age of 35 you seek the advice of a fertility specialist if you are trying to conceive and have not had luck within the first six months of trying. Typically as a woman ages her chances of conceiving decline slightly each year.

6 months
In two healthy fertile individuals it generally takes 6 months to 1 year. After 1 year if you have not concieved you can get a doctor's appointment (they dont like to see people before a year). Just because you havent concieved in a year doesnt mean you are infertile, it takes time to become fertile again if you are coming off of a hormonal birthcontrol. Also issues such as weight even a little past healthy (like 15lbs) can slow down your ability to get pregnant, stress also as the same effect.
It depends on if it goes smoothly or if it has complications - depends on the person having the baby also.

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Q: How long does it take to get pregnant?
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