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== == Distance:

The distance between San Diego and Los Angeles is 116 miles (186 km).

The driving distance between San Diego and Los Angeles is 121 mi - about 2 hours 3 mins and up to 3 -5 hours in traffic.


San Diego, CA (SAN) to Los Angeles, CA (LAX)

Flight Duration 40 mins

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How long has Amtrak been in business?

Amtrak was founded in 1991.

How long does it take to walk to sand Diego to los angeles?

1 day 12hours

How long does it take by amtrak from los angeles to san francisco?

Amtrak trains do not serve San Francisco from Los Angeles. You need to go to Oakland and take a bus across to San Francisco. It takes the Coast Starlight 11 hours and 14 minutes from Los Angeles to Oakland. The Amtrak Thruway bus takes 20 minutes to the Hyatt Regency Financial District and goes on to the Ferry Building, Pier 39 of Fisherman's Wharf and the SF Shopping Center at 835 Market Street.

How long does it take to fly from San Diego to Los Angeles?

Flight:San Diego, CA (SAN) to Los Angeles, CA (LAX)Flight Duration 40 minsDistance:The distance between San Diego and Los Angeles is 116 miles (186 km).The driving distance between San Diego and Los Angeles is 121 mi - about 2 hours 3 mins and up to 3 hours 10 mins in traffic.

How many miles is it between san Jose's to Long Beach?

400 miles taking this route:Take U.S. 101 SOUTH (towards LOS ANGELES), from San Jose, to I-405 SAN DIEGO FWY - SOUTH to SANTA MONICA at EXIT 19A, in Los Angeles.Take I-405 SOUTH to Long Beach.

How long is the drive from Los Angeles CA to san Diego ca?

about 2 hours with normal traffic

How long have the San Diego Chargers been around?

The Chargers hve been around since 1960 when they were the Los Angeles Chargers then the moved to San Diego in 1961.

Amtrak or greyhound?

Amtak by far! Bus takes too long and traffic sucks. Amtrak you will beat the traffic and you can move around on the cars of Amtrak. Also, if you want to spend the money, you can rent a bedroom on Amtrak.

Is there a Train from San Francisco to San Diego and how long does it take to get there?

Yes there is a train, its the Amtrak. Its probably about an 8 hour trip, I would guess. I have a lot of friends that take home from school so it can't be too long.

Which us state contains the cities of los angeles san Diego san Jose and long beach?


Southern California cities?

The largest cities of Southern California are Los Angeles, San Diego and Long Beach.

Five largest city in California?

Los Angeles San Diego San Fransisco Long Beach and Fresno

How long is a flight from Paris France to San Diego California?

Paris (PAR) to San Diego, CA (SAN)Shortest Flight Duration * 14 hours 5 mins * Via Los Angeles International Apt, Los Angeles (LAX)

Does amtrak go to long island?

No. At no point does Amtrak ever travel through Long Island. However, if you ever scootch up into Westchester County, in some points of Westchester county, you can catch part of the Empire State and Northeast Corridor lines of Amtrak.

How long does it take to mail a letter from Los Angeles to San Diego?

First Class Mail is delivered in 3 to 5 days.

How long to fly from san Diego to anchorage?

I remember it taking about 10-14 hours depending on the lay overs

What is the road mile distance between San Diego and Long Beach?

105 miles taking I-5 and I-405.

Is there parking at the Lincoln IL Amtrak station?

There is free short-term and long-term parking in front of the Lincoln, IL Amtrak station.

How long does it take to drive from Los Angeles to SeaWorld in San Diego?

The shortest time is 1 hour and 54 minutes, in good traffic.

Where is the long term parking lot at Ann Arbor Amtrak Station?

Long term parking for the Amtrak Ann Arbor station is on the northwest side of the Broadway bridge. The Amtrak station is on one side of the tracks (south), the long term parking lot is on the other (north). To get to the parking lot, you have to drive over the bridge.

Is there long term parking at the Toledo Amtrak Station?

The Toledo Amtrak Station does offer long term parking for their customers. There are 70 long term parking spaces available. However, there is no parking lot attendant on duty.

How long does it take to fly from Detroit to Los Angeles?

It generally takes 4 hours to fly to San Diego from Detroit. So I would say it would be close to the same from Detroit to Los Angeles

How long is the flight from San Diego to the Philippines?

San Diego, CA (SAN) to Manila (MNL) Shortest Flight Duration: 18 hours 44 mins via Los Angeles includes transfer time

What is distance from Long Beach ca to san Diego ca?

105 miles taking this route:Take I-405 SOUTH, from Long Beach, to I-5 SOUTH to SAN DIEGO (via SR-73 TOLL RD if you want to take a shortcut).Take I-5 SOUTH to SAN DIEGO.

How long does it take to get to Los Angeles from Finland?

Taking loading and landing times into consideration, the total time from Finland to Los Angeles will be roughly around 11.5 hours.