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You cannot recuperate your virginity; once you lose it, you won't ever be a virgin again.

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How do you take a girl's virginity?

You take a female's virginity by having sexual intercourse with her.

How long does it take a guy to lose his virginity?

In the US, many males lose their virginity at or a bit before the age of 17.During the act of sexual intercourse for the first time, some guys feel they don't lose their virginity until climax is reached, but so long as they engage in it, they lose their virginity, and that only takes a few seconds.

Can a girl's period take her virginity?

No, only sexual intercourse can be the loss of her virginity.

Why did francisco dagohoy revolt long for 85 years?

It's because he wanted to take the virginity of his daughter

How do you take back virginity?

You can't take back virginity; once you give it to someone, it has been taken and can't be reversed.

How can a girl take her girlfriend virginity away from her?

She can't. Virginity is taken by sexual intercourse.

What can you take but not give back?


How do you take a girl virginity away?

you take a girls virginity away by having sex with her. not by force by slowly inserting ur dick in her vaginia

Recuperate in a sentence?

He was unable to recuperate from his coma and thus was put off of life support.

How do you take virginity?

By having sexual intercourse.

Can a girl lose her virginity by kissing?

No, that is not the way virginity is lost. That is only kissing. Kissing is an action that can lead up to losing virginity, but it doesn't take it away on its own.

How do you take your own virginity?

You cannot; virginity is something that can only be taken by another, through sexual intercourse, who is not yourself.

How do you take someone's virginity?

Losing your virginity is having sexual intercourse for the first time. This applies to both male and female.

How do you friendship a girl?

take her virginity that way she is yours

Can dildos take a female's virginity?

No, only a penis.

Did rihanna take chris brown virginity?


How long will take to recuperate from a bunion surgery?

Bunion surgery will take a little while to recover. You should be out of work for about a week and not walking for about a month. You will be in a boot or a cast for a few weeks to a couple months possibly on crutches. Good Luck!!!!!

How long should the penis be to take a girl's virginity?

It can be any size; there just has to be sexual intercourse, which involves penetration, and moreover, vaginal penetration.

If just the head of my penis went in am I still a virgin?

If you want to be. Virginity is very subjective. Think long and hard who you wish to GIVE your virginity to. Dont let someone "take" it. It is a gift you can only give once. So choose carefully.

How long should 11 year olds sleeep?

Children need 8 hours sleep to recuperate and refresh.

How long is your vagina swollen after losing your virginity?

For me it was 1 hour.

If she was in a physical relationship and in their relationship she just kissed does that mean she lost her virginity?

No, she did not lose her virginity. In order for someone to lose their virginity, sexual intercourse needs to take place. If all she did was kiss, she's a virgin.You do not lose your virginity by just kissing. You can not lose it from just kissing.Anyone can kiss someone. You have to have sex to lose virginity.

How do you take a guys virginity?

The same way a guy would take a girl's. You have sex with him.

How to check the male virginity?

There is no way check. When a male loses his virginity there is no outward sign to show that he has or hasn't. You can only ask him and take his word for it or not.

How long to recover from amputation?

This will depend upon what is amputated. Losing the last portion of a finger may take just a few weeks to let the surgical site heal while losing a leg can take months or years to recuperate and regain mobility.