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Men usually don't get pregnancy symptoms.

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Q: How long does it takes the male to get the symptoms from pregnancy?
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Can a male can get pregnancy symptoms?

Yes, a male can experience sympathy symptoms of pregnancy.

Guys symptoms of being p pregnant?

Unless he is a trans-gender the male does not get pregnancy symptoms. Just the woman.

How long can a male have HPV without having symptoms?

A male can have HPV for decades without having symptoms, but it appears that men often clear the virus within a year.

How long does it take for a female bear to get pregnant?

Depends how long it takes for the male bear to finish.

Can a male have trichomoniasis without having symptoms?

Yes, a male can have trich without having symptoms.

How do you know when a horse is going to have a male?

you basically have to wait towards the end of their pregnancy. you got to know how long it takes from when the horse was impregnated to the average amount of months until it gives birth. If it is a female, the horse will give birth one month before then if it would be a male.

Is male pregnancy real?

As real as my male mother..

Is male pregnancy possible?


How long is the pregnancy of a newt?

Newts do not become pregnant they lay eggs which are fertilized externally by male newts.

How long can a male have chlamydia without having symptoms?

A male can have chlamydia for months or years without having symptoms. Half of men with chlamydia have no symptoms. Those who get symptoms usually get them in one to three weeks.

Can my female rabbit get pregnant if my male wasn't in her long?

Only takes a few seconds.

How long can a mosquitoes live in a human house?

the female takes 3-100 days the male takes 10-20 days

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