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pep spice stays in your system for about three days

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Q: How long does pep spice stay in your system?
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How long does it take pep spice to get out of your system?

How long does it take pep spice to get out of your system?

Will pep spice show up on a piss test?

no. pep spice contains a synthethic form of "thc," the chemical in marijuana that make you feel "high." therefore if a urinanylsis testing for drugs is administered, there is no known drug in your system...

Is k2 different then pep spice?


Is pep spice legal in California?


Will smoking pep spice harm you?


Can you fail a military drug test after smoking pep spice?

No, pep spice has no properties that would make it a dangerous substance, so it is not tested for.

Is pep spice illegal in Nevada?


What chemicals in pep spice do they test for?


Does pep spice show on a urinalysis?

No it does not show up

Can pep spice show up in a THC test?


What is Pep Spice?

P.E.P Spice contains Damiana and synthetic cannibinoids ( namely JWH-018 and HU-210). The person whom answered the question has no clue, none of those ingredients listed on the Pep Spice packaging is actually in Pep Spice. Also, Spice Gold is illegal in the US now, you should try some other blends like Diesel Spice, its 100% organic and has better ingredients and a better buzz than Pep Spice. You can get it online at Well guys PEP spice is a blend of natural herbs such as blue lotus and wild lettuce and the effects are the exact same of smoking weed. It makes you wonder why spice is legal and weed isn't. Anyways you can buy spice at some smoke shops or online.

Is pep spice safe to smoke?

yes. I've smoked pep spice many times before. you literally only need a pinch. its a completely different high.