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I'm not really an expert on this, but I just had a donor insemination IUI yesterday and my doctor told me that my window to get pregnant was smaller with donor sperm because it usually survives for 12-24 hours post thaw.

2007-06-28 18:42:59
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Can thawed cheese be refrozen?

can cheese be thawed and refrozen

How do you use thawed in a sentence?

the chicken was thawed on tuesday

Is it safe to eat thawed salmon?

it has to be thawed so you can chew it you need to thawed completely. it's safe to eat it.

Does frozen fish weight more the thawed fish?

Fish will weigh less after it is thawed because it loses some water when it is thawed.

Can you refreeze thawed shrimp?

No! Once thawed, you cannot safely refreeze shrimp.

Can you refreeze chicken that thawed but never reached room temp?

If you thawed it out at room temperature or in the microwave - then no. Only consider refreezing meat if it has thawed in the refrigerator.

How do you safely cook a partially thawed turkey?

No, Food poisoning happens when people cook partially thawed food because it is 'only' partially thawed

Can you refreeze a thawed smoked turkey?

You should never refreeze a thawed smoked turkey. However, once you cook a thawed turkey, you can freeze the meat.

How long can you keep thawed strawberries in the refrigerator?

Fruits like these are hard to keep. After they have thawed out they will only last a day or two. They should be used as soon as they are thawed.

Can thawed rhubarb be refrozen?

It is best not to re freeze thawed food. However if you cook the thawed rhubarb first, and allow it to cool you can then freeze the cooked rhubarb.

Can thawed raw shrimp be refrozen?

No! never refreeze any food that has been thawed!

What is the duration of Never Been Thawed?

The duration of Never Been Thawed is 1.47 hours.

What does thawed mean in computer terms?

Thawed meaning that Deep Freeze software is installed but is not active.

When was Never Been Thawed created?

Never Been Thawed was created on 2005-04-15.

How long do you cook a whole salmon?

Thawed: 40 minutes. Not Thawed: 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Can a thawed spaghetti and sausage sauce be refrozen?

It wouldn't be safe to refreeze a thawed spaghetti and sausage sauce.

Can you refreeze uncooked chicken nuggets that thawed completely?

No - once it's thawed - either use it or throw it out !

Are frozen foods heavier than thawed foods?

No. A frozen food item will have the same mass as when it is thawed.

Can you refreeze chicken after thawed?


Can you freeze thawed fish?


Can shrimp be refrozen after thawed?


Once vegetables are thawed how long can you wait to cook them?

Normally, frozen vegetables are not thawed first but are cooked from frozen.

How long can unfrozen hamburger stay in the fridge?

Thawed hamburger is best used within a day of being thawed.

How long is thawed meat good?

How long it will last will depend upon how good it was when frozen and how it was thawed. If it was thawed at room temperature, it should be cooked immediately. If it wasn't fresh when frozen, it should be cooked immediately. If it was very fresh when frozen and was thawed in the fridge, then you should have at least a couple days to cook it.

What is thawed chicken?

Chicken that had been frozen and now no longer has ice crystals (or very few) in it. Hopefully, it was thawed out in the refrigerator.