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ANSWER: Until it dries..... it lives the same amount as sperm if it was can still cause you to be pregnant

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How long can semen stay alive on your penis?

Not very long

How long does semen stay in a vagina if you are on birth control?

Semen can stay alive inside a vagina for up to five days.

How long can a semen stay in an anus?

about 2 months

Can you get pregnant if you are wet with your legs opened and seat in a car seat with semen?

No. The sperm in semen does not survive for very long whilst out in the elements.

How long after intercourse does semen stay in the vagina?

It stays in until it is removed.

How long will semen stay in an unwashed vagina?

it stays in for 2 me i have expirience

Do guys have to have wet dreams?

No. They do not have to have wet dreams but they often do. Men can only go so long without ejaculating. If they do not masturbate, there bodies will flush the semen out for them while they are sleeping.

What is name of girl's semen?

Girls do not produce semen. When they are aroused her vagina will moisten with a natural lubricant. The expression is "a girl is getting wet from kissing you" "honey are you wet?"

How long do sperm stay alive after being exposed to air?

The sperm in your semen may still be alive until the semen is fully dried up. This could be several hours, and longer if the semen is contained in a condom.

How do baby wipes stay wet?

they stay wet in the box because they are all together wet

How do stay wet before and after sex without using lubricants?

By being aroused. If it takes a long time though it might not work and you need lube. And why stay wet after sex?

Can you get pregnant from fingering your self with wet semen?

Yes if they are fresh

Do girls have a kind of semen that comes out of their vagina?

not a semen like boys have, but yeah its classed as getting wet, for a lubricant to have sex

How can you tell semen is leaking from the vagina after sex?

when you feel wet down there

Do the HIV virus can stay in the semen or in blood only?

in my understandig the hiv virus lives only with in cell becous hiv virus is obligatory intracelular parasite so hiv may stay in the semen b/c of semen has contain small amount of blood but rather than blood hiv in the semen short life long b/c the muliplication may disteb

Can you get semen stains from just a morning erection or does there have to be sexual activity?

Yes, you can get semen stains as it's quite normal for males to have 'wet dreams.'

I am twenty eight years old and still have regular wet dreams what can I do?

Wet dreams are caused by the body giving off excess semen in the night, so just give off excess semen in the day! In other words; the more you masturbate the less the wet dream problem !

How long does semen stay inside a women body after sex?

a few minutes. Only a sperm from the semen fuses with women egg and all the other comes out after few minutes maybe 15 to 16 minutes.

Is wet dreams occurring regularly is healthy?

There is no problem with having wet dreams daily or nightly. They will not damage your health. Each time that you have a wet dream you ejaculate some semen and that is all. Semen is constantly being created in the male testes from the time that a boy goes through puberty right up until he dies. You can't run out of it and even if you didn't ejaculate the semen would just be reabsorbed into your body and fresh semen would be made. If having wet dreams bothers you masturbating just before you go to sleep should help to prevent them. This is because as it takes a while for your body to replace the semen that you have just ejaculated.

White stuff the next morning is what?

NOT SNOW! I assume you are asking about wet dreams and semen. If you're a boy going through puberty you will have wet dreams (if you don't masturbate regularly). Thats when your semen count has built up and you expel semen during your sleep often accompanied by an erotic dream. Its natural.

How do starfish stay hydrated?

They live in the ocean so they stay wet. They are always surrounded by water and they absorb it. If they are above water for too long then they dry out.

Is it normal for men sperm to change color?

Semen can vary in color from a very pale yellow to white. As long as your semen stay within these colors it is fine. If your semen change color dramatically or if it acquires a strange odor, then you need to go to your doctor to get it checked out, as it could be a sign of an STD.

How do you know if semen enters a vagina?

You would feel this warm wet substance inside of you

How do you get semen to stay inside you after sex?

Point your feet to the ceiling.

How does sand stay together when wet?

It doesn't really stay together when it's really wet, but when you take it out of water and squeeze all of the water out, then it will stay together.