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random times as long as you like
It really just depends on the people having sex. They may get worn out or just give up if they don't have an orgasim soon. Most people stop after the guy cums

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How long can rough sex last?

As long as you want.

You want a pill to use for sex to last for long time?

Yes, I want a pill to use for sex to last for long time.

How can long last sex?

Sex can lost as long as the the two partners can take it. There are some couples who have reported about 8 hours.

How long sould sex last?

2-200 minutes

How long does the memory of a fish last?

it is until they have sex then they forget everything.

How do you long last during sex?

Don't rush it! Enjoy the foreplay!

What is the last age of sex for men and women?

Men and women can enjoy sex for as long as they are physically and mentally able to and as such, there is no specific "last" age or a time when they should stop.

How long do rebound relationships based on sex usually last when both people are on the rebound?

Not very long.

How long do women prefer sex to last?

days about 45 mins is good

How long do ice burgs last for?

till u sex til they break

How long does sex needs to happen?

Try better grammar and asking a more specific question. Your current question does not specify how long would sex need to last for ______ to occur. If you are trying to ask how long does it have to last for in order for it to be considered sexual intercourse, the answer is open to opinion but generally even momentary penetration will be considered sex.

How long does first time sex last?

As long as you too agree on,you might be so excited to have sex for the first time so it might be so long but if not so pumped might be short!

Do all women last long after first time of sex?

All women are different.

How long does a Betty Crocker super moist cake mix last past expiration?


Is Jake Austin Single?

No! we had sex last nite! No! we had sex last nite!

Will same-sex marriage last?

As long as the love is there and those people love each other very much :) Gender/sex is irrelevant.

How long should firsttime sex last?

Well for the first time if its the man and the womans first time you can expect 3-19 minutes of sex.

How long can a virgin male go during sex?

there is no standard length of time...but if you are a virgin then probably not very long...if you wanna last longer, beat off that same day before you have sex.

Why cant i last long in sex?

You're not the only one, this is a problem men usually have an its normal, you'll gain stamina by whacking it before sex or wearing a condom.

How long should the Honeymoon last?

A honeymoon can last however long you want it too. Usually 2 weeks to a month. Or until you get bored of having non-stop romance, makeout sessions, and sex.

How long does sex last normally?

30 minutes 4 1/2 minutes is the average. not counting foreplay.

How do you tighten your vargina?

To tighten ur vag u have to be sexless for a lOng time after the last time u had sex

If there are two children born outside a marriage who is the father?

the person who she had sex with last!! the person who she had sex with last!!

How long does a virgin 15 year old girl usually last in sex on her first time?

This depends on how you define sex...if you mean the actual sexual activity, then not very long, probably just a few minutes at most. However, the general sexual activities concerned might last much longer.

How long does a vaginal friction infection last?

Vaginal friction is not an infection. But to answer your question it usually last about a week to a week and a half. It depends on how many lacerations you vagina has after rough sex. As long as you don't continue having sex, and allow time for your body to heal, they will only be there for a week, week and a half tops! :D

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