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Bullfrogs can live up to 15 years in the wild the average bull frog can live up to 4-5 years! but on record, there's one that lived 7 years!

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How long is a bullfrog life cycle?

A bullfrog lifecycle is 2-3 years as a tadpole and they can live for 7-9 years.

How long is an adult bullfrog including legs?

a bullfrog can be 10 inches long

Is a bullfrog an animal?

Yes, a bullfrog is an animal. It is an amphibian, meaning it can live both in water and on land.

How long does the Bullfrog grow?

it can live up to 8-10 years. but i hear the longest is about 15-16 years!

Were do bullfrog live?

Ponds, marshes, and streams

What shelter does American bullfrog need to live in?

mostly where ever they live

Is a bullfrog a live bearer or an egg layer?

egg layer

How do you make a habitat for a bullfrog?

First you burry a dead squirrel in some soil. then you go to a place where bullfrogs live. then you put your pet bullfrog in that place where bullfrogs live. ITs very simple. why are you asking??????

How long is the gestation period of a bullfrog?

1-4 days

How can you tell if a bullfrog is a female or a male?

You can tell a female bullfrog from a male bullfrog by simply look at it a male bullfrog is usually bigger while a female bullfrog is smaller.

What does a bullfrog do in the winter?

a bullfrog hiberants

Do bullfrog have a backbone?

A bullfrog does have a backbone.

Is a bullfrog a consumer?

A bullfrog is not a consumer.

How long is a female bullfrog pregnant for?

Bullfrogs lay eggs, they do not get pregnant.

How long can a bullfrog stay under water?

At least dozens of minutes!

Is the bullfrog an invertebrate?

A bullfrog is not an invertebrate; it has a spine.

What genus is the bullfrog?

The Genus for the Bullfrog is Litoria. :

What is a female bullfrog called?

Ms. Bullfrog.

What is the genus of a bullfrog?

The genus for a Bullfrog is 'Litoria.' :)

What do you call the ear of a bullfrog?

ear of a bullfrog

How long does it take if a bullfrog tadpole already has back legs?

20 days

How long does it take for bullfrog tadpoles to turn into frogs?

It depends on how healthy the tadpole is

What is bullfrog mass?

bullfrog mass is the way a person weighs a bullfrog by................................................... mwah aqeefah luv u's

What colour is the grown bullfrog?

The grown bullfrog is brown.

Does the bullfrog care its young?

no a bullfrog does not look after their young.

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