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2300 years at most if kept safe

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Q: How long does the blanket octopus live?
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Where does the blanket octopus live?

in the ocean

How long will paul octopus live?

He will live for about 3 years.

What are characteristics of blanket octopus?

turds and spaghetti noodles

Do octopus live short lives or long lives?

Octopus' live about 3-5 years, so you can decide if it lives a long life or a short one. : )

How long does a tree octopus live for?

1 week

How long do you have to live after the blue ringed octopus has bitten you?

you will on the spot!

Is a female blanket octopus smaller than a male of the species?


How long will the female octopus live after laying eggs?

2 minutes

Do octopus live in the pacific ocean?

Do octopus live in the pacific ocean?

Does an octopus live on the farm?

No, an octopus doesn't live on the farm.

Where are octopus's habitat?

where does a octopus live

How long a octopus live?

1 year or less, but one species can live up to 3 years!!!!!!