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A cosigner is obligated as long as the loan exisists. The loan must be paid off or refinanced into the primary borrower's name only to release the cosigner.

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Q: How long does the co-signer have to stay on an auto loan?
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How long does a co signer stay on a student loan?

As long as the loan is in force (until the loan is paid off)

Can a primary be removed from a loan?

That will have to be arranged between the lender and the co-signor. The only way to remove anyone from a loan is to have the person being removed sign verifying that they want to be removed AND whoever will be left on (or added to) the loan must reapply for the loan on their own. This means, if the cosigner does not have good enough credit, then either the primary must stay on the loan or (if the loan is backed by collateral such as a car or house) then the collateral can be sold to a third party. In which case, of course, the primary and cosigner will be removed.

Can you get an auto loan as a stay at home mom with no proof of income?

NO. My wife went to auto dealer for new car and they said no auto loan can be approved without income. Either the spouse or relative/friend need as a co-signer.

How long does a co-signer have to stay on an auto loan?

From my understanding it is until the loan is paid off or the other party refinances the loan. If you haven't already co-signed I would rethink the decision. It is a nightmare if the person you are co-signing for doesn't live up to their end of the bargain, even if it is family.

How does a loan and a grant are different?

A loan you usually have to pay back and with a grant as long as you stay within the criteria to have it, you don't have to pay it back.

Best student loans?

The best student loans to get are government student loans.Of the government loans, the best one is a Federal Perkins Loan. These have low interest rates and the government will help you pay it back as long as you stay enrolled in school. You also don't need a cosigner or good credit for it.The next best loan is a Federal Subsidized Stafford Loan. This has many of the same benefits as a Perkins Loan.Finally, the Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan is available to all students, regardless of financial need.

Can you remove A CO signer name after six months?

No, one can not remove a cosigner from any contract after 6 months. The cosigner will have to stay on the contract until the contract is paid.

How long does an exclusion on a driver stay in effect with auto insurance?

An exclusion will stay in effect until you ask the insurance company to reverse the exclusion.

How long does an auto repossession and a home foreclosure after stay on your credit report?


How long does an auto accident stay on your driving record in North Carolina?

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Can you get a loan for a house without a cosigner?

Plenty of homes are sold to individuals without a cosigner. Usually there are only 2 reasons a bank will ask for a co signer. One being, if their prospective client does not have sufficiant funds available to make the estimated mortgage payments and other monthly debt payments and stay under 50% debt to income ratio, two being credit issues.

How long does an auto accident stay on your auto insurance?

It depends, your best bet is to pay the money and get a lawyer at this point. No one wants to pay for damages anymore even if it was their fault.

How long does a Class A misdemeanor stay on your record in Kentucky?

Until you have it removed thru the expungement process.It will never auto be removed.

How long does an auto repossesion stay on your credit report?

Negative reports on your credit score remain on your report for seven years.

Research Auto Loan Options For Savings?

To get auto loans is not a difficult task; however there are several tips that can be followed to speed up the process. It is always wise to start out the process by obtaining a free credit report. A person's credit score determines what interest rates will be associated with their auto loan. Many times a person's credit score may have errors that need to be fixed. When mistakes are fixed the person's credit score increases which allows them to qualify for auto loans with lower interest rates. When looking for auto loans a person should also begin by looking for lenders; these lenders can be found within banking institutions or online. Before a person negotiates financing with a car dealer they should secure their financing through a lender. To get the best auto loans possible it is best to shop around and see which lenders have the best available rates. It is also wise to stay aware of all fees associated with an auto loan, especially fees associated with paying off the auto loan early.

What is the best way to consolidate debt without it affecting your credit score?

Used Auto FinancingCars are no more an item of luxury. They have become more of a necessity nowadays. You wish to purchase a car but are short of money. You have explored the loan market and have realized that you actually can't afford buying a new car. What would you do in such a situation? Will you curb your desire? One solution for all such problems is instant used auto loan. Instant used auto loan has been specially designed for the people who yearn to purchase a vehicle but are not able to afford a new one. This loan provides you instant money to buy a used automobile. Instant used auto loan are used to finance the purchase of second hand or used vehicles such as a car, bike, truck, van etc. Before purchasing an automobile through instant used auto loan, the borrower is required to take a test drive of the vehicle he wants to buy. This prevents him from buying an automobile that does not function properly. Laws have been formulated to protect people from purchasing such vehicles. Any advertisement pertaining to false pretenses is considered as illegal. For instance, if a car has some transmission problems, the buyer must be immediately informed. He can then get the repairing done or decide on for some other car. The title of the vehicle should not be passed on to the buyer unless he takes over the payments. Until that time it must stay in the name of the seller only. Instant Used Auto Financing loan can be opted in any of the two forms-secured or unsecured. If you can place a collateral you can go for secured loan. The secured form of instant auto loan benefits the borrower with low interest rate and easy repayment schedules. If you hardly have anything to place as collateral you should opt for unsecured loan. Many lenders are there in the market providing instant used auto loan. One way to get it is through the auto dealership. But this method limits your approach. Approaching other lenders will help to get better loan deals and will empower you to negotiate with regard to the loan terms and conditions. The easiest way to apply for an Instant Auto Financing loan is through the internet. Online loan providers have reduced the documentation work and provide you the loan within the span of few hours. Due to the increasing competition in the loan market, online lenders provide you loan at competitive rates. Instant Used Auto Loan is helpful for the individuals who are suffering from a bad credit history. Since this loan is relatively smaller than a mortgage or new car auto loans, therefore repaying them is not a big issue. Once you have repaid the loan completely, your credit score will increase and you will be in a good credit standing with the lender. This will open doors to borrow money in future.Visit for more info

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If you have two cars in your name but you are considering letting one car go back to the company after you get another one how will this affect your credit?

Do you mean defaulting on the loan and allowing it to be reposessed? If so, it will show up as an auto loan default and repo. That will stay on your credit report for several years. Best to sell it and pay it off.

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What is an ARM loan and is it better than a traditional loan?

An ARM usually has a lower interest rate, but only for a limited time. Use it if you do not plan to stay in your house very long. There are 5 and 7 year ARMs, and perhaps ones of other lengths.

What are some tips for getting a mortgage loan?

There are lots of tips that can help a homebuyer secure a mortgage loan. One can make sure they have good credit, one can stay at their job for a long time and one can make sure their debt is paid down.

How long does the co-signer have to stay on an auto lease?

The co-signer is responsible until the lease expires or until a new lease is executed.

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