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It is about a week long. Well I am not quite sure but it is about that long.

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A week and 3 days Mostly

on Wednesday you come back, but I think it is only for my school P.S

253Q. Also maybe kids in Far Rockaway

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whole month!

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42 days

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Q: How long does the school break go for?
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Are there differences between school life in Spain and Scotland?

in Spain Some people go to school at 9am-2pm with no break or they go to school at 9am-4pm with a two hour lunch break..... In Scotland people go to school 9pm-3pm with 15 mins morning break and 45 mins for lunch break.

When do kids go to school after winter break?

When do kids come back from winter break at Olinda Elementry school

How long does each lesson go for at a Chinese school?

The average school day runs from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., with a two-hour lunch break.

How long is a first semester for middle school?

First semester is usually from when school starts to Christmas break, and then rest of the year is the second semester. Also two 9 week periods if your school does that.

What is a eight letter word for long break of school?


What is a 8 letter word that is a long break from school?


How can you get a week off school?

break yur wrist,then you wont go school for ages

What does bist du in den ferien weggefahren?

Bist du in den Ferien weggefahren? translates as Did you go anywhere during school break? or Did you go on vacation during school break?

How long do french school children have for lunch break?

The usual lunch break is 1H30 to 2 hours long in France. This allows pupils living in the vicinity to commute home and back to school after lunch.

When do kids go back to school from summer break?

August 6th

How long do you have to go to school to be a professional cheerleader?

No school.

How Do you break your wrist on a swing set at school?

go really high on the swing, let go, and fall of with your palm facing up and baboom it will break