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About 1 inch every month if you brush it and take care of it :D

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Q: How long does your hair normally grow each month?
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How fast can hair grow?

Half inch each month.

How long does brunette hair grow in a month?

All hair grows one half of an inch each month on average.== == == ==

Will putting onions in your shampoo make your hair grow faster?

No, hair growth is determined by the hair follicle. Hair normally grows at 1/2 inch per month.

How long does your hair get in 2 weeks?

It grows 0.5cm. Statistically, on average your hair is supposed to grow 1cm each month.

What do put in your hair to make it grow?

Putting your hair in a bun can help your hair grow faster. If you put in a bun everyday, it may help it grow a little more than half an inch each month.

You just cut your hair it is by your neck how long will it take to grow?

Normally hair grows at the rate of 1/4 to1/2 inch per month.

Does your hair grow when its dirty?

no its does grow when its ditry a avrenge human hair grows a have of each month . the key of growing hair is be payince and have less breakege and dameage to your hair . take biotin and drink pleany of water

How many inches will your hair grow if you wash it once a week?

Hair grows on an average of 1/2 to 1 inch a month. Washing it will not make it grow faster. Each person is unique and their hair will grow at different speeds.

How do you grow your hair 3 inches in one month?

vaseline your hair twice a month

How long does it take for body hair to grow in a month?

about a month.

How much does your hair grow in a year?

I read somewhere that it normally grows about 10cm. But I guess it's different with each person

How long does hair grow?

Hair grows half an inch a month.