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How long exactly do wild boar live?


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how long do wild pigs live? how long do wild pigs live? how long do wild pigs live?


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Wild boar can live approximately 10 to 12 years in the wild. They can live up to 20 years in captivity.

Wild boar tend to favour woodland with clearings of shrubs.

A Forest of Dean wild boar.

pig is a pig and the wild boar is a wild boar

Wait... is it a cut ON a wild boar, or a cut CAUSED by a wild boar?

A wild boar needs a wild woman!!

They live roughly 15-16 years.

Yes, a boar is a type of wild pig.

me and you ,wild boar,deer,grayfoxes

The wild boar is sometimes eaten by tigers and wolves.

eraisian wolves,moose(elk).

The wild boar is an omnivore, feeding on just about anything edible. The wild boar will eat just about to any type of insect there is.

A Wild Boar can reach speeds of up to 30mph.

Yes it does also an hyena eat wild boar

The wild boar is an omnivore, meaning it eats meat and plants.

A wild pig found in north and south America or brought here from Germany. your a wild boar

Depends on how long they live for. Ten to twenty years maybe around 101 babies. It's a lot I know.

Itself and alone mean the same thing!

The wild boar is the sacred animal of Ares.

No, but they will perform infanticide, with boars killing and eating young piglets, or even sows eating their own young if something's not right with the young (or if something's not right with the sow!) But normally, wild pigs or wild boar will not eat other wild boar.

They can live in almost any environment, but mainly prefer forested areas.

No, a boar is more like a wild pig.

If you do training but be careful when there is a wild boar it might scratch you or bite you.

Wild Boar can be translated into Kikuyu language as gui mwitu.

panthers, cottonmouth, sea turtles, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, wild boar, deer,

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