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Hamburgers take up to 5,230 day to digest in your system.

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Q: How long for a hamburger to digest?
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How long does it take to digest hamburger?

4 hours

Is hamburger or roast beef easier to digest?

There is no difference, really.

How long does it take to digest a McDonald's hamburger?

It takes monnths even years for just a single bigmac and one of the books that i found said i also just takes 7 years to digest their fries

How do you digest a hamburger cheese lettuce tomatoes ketchup and grilled onions?

the same way that you digest all of your over food

What in a hamburger kills venus fly traps?

The fat in hamburger is what kills venus flytraps. They are designed to digest protein. It takes them a lot longer to digest fat, which can lead to the undigested meat rotting in the plant while it is closed, thereby killing the plant.

Why can't I digest hamburger anymore?

If you are not digesting meat, you should seek medical attention from a GI doctor.

How is a hamburger digested in the stomach?

As any other food, churned and squashed, bial is released into it to help digest it.

How long does it take to digest pear?

how long does it take to digest pear

How long has the hamburger been around?

The hamburger has been around since the 1900

How does a hamburger digest in your body?

Who ever asked this, of course a burger will digest, why, it is meat, wich is digestable, bread, also digestable, and any other toppings are also digestable.P.S. The trade-off for having an efficient digestive system like ours is that we have stanky gas exiting out of your lower east side.edit to whoever gave the first answer*The question was HOW does a hamburger digest in your body.Learn to read...

How long unrefrigerated hamburger safe?

not long at all

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