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Once the light reaches the surface of the Sun, it takes approximately 8 minutes and 20 seconds to reach Earth. This can be calculated by dividing the distance to the Sun by the speed of light: 150,000,000 km / (300,000 km/second).

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Q: How long for burst of light from sun to reach earth?
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How long will it take for a burst of light from the sun to reach our earth?

8 minutes

How long would a sudden light burst from the galaxy center take to reach earth?

25,000 years.

How long it takes the suns light to reach earth?

It takes approximately 8 minutes for the Sun's light to reach Earth.

How long does it takes light from to reach earth?

About 37 years.

How long does it take for the light generated by the star Betelgeuse to reach Earth?

The light takes about 640 years to reach Earth, as Betelgeuse (a red supergiant star) is about 640 light years from Earth.

How long does it take the moon's light to reach the earth?

0.28 Seconds

IF the crab nebula is 6300 light years from earth how long did take the light from the supernova to reach earth?

6,300 years

How long does it take a beam of light to reach planet earth from your nearest star?

It takes approx. 8 and half minutes to reach earth

Why would it take long for alpha centauri light to reach earth?

along long long long time

How long does it take for a ray of light to reach the earth from the sun?

8 min.

How long does light from the moon take to reach the earth?

approximately 3 seconds.

How long does it takes from the sun to reach earth?

light takes about eight minutes