How long from downtown Colorado to Colorado Springs?

You can make the drive from downtown Denver to Colorado Springs in a minimum of 1 hr. with a few important conditions:

-It is not rush hour
-by "downtown" you're not too far from I-25
-You're going to the Air Force Academy

This is an easy drive during off peak hours. The Academy is at the northern edge of Colorado Springs and the speed limit is 75 MPH most of the way there once you get out of the Denver-metro area. From the N. Academy Blvd. exit (#150) through the Springs to the S. Academy Blvd. exit (#135) the speed limit is 65 MPH. Add another 1/2 hour for this area. Leaving Denver during the evening rush it's best to wind your way south through the city (e.g., Speer Blvd to University to Cherry Creek Drive S., etc.) to avoid the I-25 backup from Colfax to the I-225 interchange, and get on I-25 as far south as possible. You may encounter some backup through the Tech Center area, but once you pass E. Lincoln Ave. and the Sky Ridge Medical Center and the speed limit jumps to 75 MPH you'll be fine.