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Florida has been a state for 165 years.

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Q: How long has Florida been a state?
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Which state is a long peninsula?


How long is a flight from Florida to Washington state?

A flight from Florida to Washington State is 6 hours.

When did Florida become a commonwealth state?

Florida isn't, nor has it ever been, a commonweath state.

Has marijuana been decriminalized in the state of Florida?

no it has not.

Can a Florida notary notarize documents for a Georgia resident who is visiting Florida?

Yes, as long as the Georgia resident is actually in the State of Florida when the Florida notary notarizes the document, and the venue on the document must state "STATE OF FLORIDA, COUNTY OF ________".

What is florida state tree?

As of 2014, the Florida state tree is the cabbage palm tree. This tree has been the state tree since 1953.

Which state has the most orange farms?

It would be Florida or Goregia. I have been to Florida before and there was a sign saying it was the Orange state!

Which state has had the most number of hurricane hits?

From 1900-1996 its Florida.The state that has been hit by the most hurricanes is Florida.

How long does it take to get a death certificate in Florida after death in the State of Florida?

sondra hebel

How long do the state of Florida have to experdite a inmate from desota county to Ocala Florida?

how long d florida have t experdite an inmate from desota county back to ocala florida

What is a thin long state in the US?

Florida and California

How long does one have to contest a will?

how long does it take to know if you are in someones will in the state of Florida

How many constitutions has Florida has since it became a state?

Since Florida has become a state, there has been six constitutions. The current constitution that Florida uses was created in 1968.

What is the state that has a long narrow land area?

The state in which has a long and narrow land area is Florida. The capital of Florida is Tallahassee and the current governor is Rick Scott as of September 2013.

Will it snow in Ocala Florida in 2011?

Yes . It has been reported to snow this winter in the state of Florida .

How wide is Florida in miles?

According to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, the state of Florida is 500 miles long and 160 miles wide. Florida's nickname is the 'Sunshine State.'

What is a panhandel?

A long strip of land that is in a state like Florida.

How long has Florida state played football?

60 years

Have any US vice presidents been born in Florida?

Florida has been neither the birth state nor the home state of any U. S. Vice Presidents to date.

How long have the Florida Marlins been around?


Is it illegal to ride in the bed of a truck in Florida?

Yes, it is legal in the State of Florida as long as they are seated and belted.

What is Florida state?

it is a state in florida

How long has clam farming been in Florida?

Since Pre-Columbian times, natives have been "clamming" the coastal waterways of Florida.

What are the states in Florida?

Well Florida is a state there are no states in Florida Florida. is a state.

How long has New Jersey been a state?

How long was NJ A STATE