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Q: How long has ballroom dancing been around?
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When was dancing discovered?

Dancing has been around as long as human kind has been around!LOL!not kiddin!

How long has dancing been around?

the answer is 2 years

What kind of health benefits does taking ballroom dancing lessons offer?

Ballroom dancing is an aerobic exercise. If you do it long enough you get the exact same benefits as strenuous walking, but it's also more fun.

How often do you take ballroom dancing lessons?

Ballroom dancing classes usually occur one night a week for as long as you desire. This could be months or years depending upon how good you wish to become.

What do people wear when they dance the foxtrot?

For ballroom dancing, women wear a long and flowing dress. Men wear a suit with a tie for ballroom dance and some men wear a tuxedo. Ballroom dances are about elegance and style.

By whom is ballroom dancing danced?

Ballroom is danced by many different age groups, ethnicities, genders and so forth. It's something that can be learnt by anyone as long as they have the 'want' to do it.

Did dance come from The Bible?

No! dancing has been around as long as human life has existed.

How long has salsa dancing been going for?

Salsa dancing is more than 100 years, but it was first known as the mamba and it is similar but the mamba has been around for like, ever.

How long have the kids in purNRG been dancing?

Caroline and carolyne have been dancing sence they were 3, and Jordan has been dancing sence he was 4. Check out for more!

How long as Ellie O'Connor been dancing?

I've been dancing for 9 yrs. i started when i was 2 yrs. old

How long has Ashley banjo been dancing for?

he has been dancing since he was 4/5 years old and started out dancing with tap and ballet then got into street dancing when he was about 7 years old.

How do ballroom dancers have their hair?


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