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In the book "Stormbreaker" by Anthony Horowitz, Jack Starbright has lived in London for about five years before the events of the story.

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Q: How long has jack starbright lived in London for in stormbreaker?
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Who is minor characters in Alex riders stormbreaker?

Jack Starbright, Ms. Jones, Alan Bunt those are mine. Yanssen Gregowitch too I forgot.

What is the name of Alex Rider's housekeeper?

Jack Starbright

Does Jack Starbright die in the book Scorpia Rising?

Jack Starbright does not die in the book "Scorpia Rising".Yes she does die, she tries to escape but SCORPIA blow up the car she tried to escape in.

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What 10 objects would symbolize Alex Rider and his life?

Ian Rider, M16, Yassen Gregorvich, Jack Starbright, Scorpia, his father, his mother, Sabina Pleasure, his school, and the Union Jack.

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Who has been in all 8 of Alex Rider books and dies in Scorpia Rising?

Smithers has been present in every book, and Jack Starbright in Scorpia Rising.

Who are the main characters of Alex Rider storm breaker novel?

The main characters are Alex, Jack Starbright, Alan Blunt, Ms. Jones, Herod Sayle

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