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Alice keys doesn't have aids.


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No. Alicia Keys does not have AIDS, nor is she HIV positive.

Alicia Keys is 29 years old.

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alice keys, the name is Amy Keys (not Alice), Lynne Fiddmont-Linsey, and Connie Jackson-Comegys

No, Alicia keys does not have AIDS. she is just an advocate for people with AIDS. She had a friend who lost their life to the disease and since promised herself that she would do what she had to do to raise awareness.

Alicia Keys has a son from her marriage to Swizz Beatz named Egypt Daoud Dean

Gary Keys was a very caring and loving person may he RIP.

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she talk to people that lose there parents to aids in lots more!:)

The Keys are 120 miles long.

Alicia keys is considered to be a hero, because she traveled inAfrica for a little over a month to raise AIDS awarness.

Alice O Liechti has written: 'Making and using charts' -- subject(s): Teaching, Aids and devices

AIDS stands for Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

Alice in Wonderland is 108 minutes .

It's about 270 miles to the start of the Keys, but the Keys are about 120 miles long.

It's about 270 miles to the start of the Keys, but the Keys are about 120 miles long.

You don't die from AIDs you mongoloid. Of course you die from Aids you idiot, its the final stage of HIV .... the vast majority of people with AIDS die ... but how long it take varies from person to person

AIDS is not curable, so it lasts until the person expires.

Forever. Currently, there is no cure for HIV/AIDS.

A long time ago Elton John sang about Alice.

because she havent changed she got into the music indestry and she has done alot of work to help the children in Africa with aids...that's why Alicia keys is a role model

AIDS is caused by one thing: long term infection with HIV.

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