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Blacksmiths have existed since the middle ages. All those Crusaders could not have done without a lot of blacksmiths.

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What types of smiths existed in medieval Europe?

Blacksmiths, later on, gunsmiths.

How long have ecosystem's existed?

How long have ecosystems existed

How long has Tibet existed?

How long has the nation of Tibet Existed?

What did blacksmiths eat?

blacksmiths ate meat.]

How long has Santa existed?

Santa has existed for as long as people have believed in him... many hundreds of years.

How long has the human race existed?

It has existed 200,000 years.

When was the water cycle invented?

It has existed as long as water has existed.

Do blacksmiths pull out teeth?

No... blacksmiths work with metal....

What are facts about blacksmiths?

Blacksmiths make hot fore.

How long has starfish existed on Earth?

starfish have existed since 2055

Are Amish blacksmiths?

Yes, with all the horses they have, there is a need for blacksmiths.

Are there still blacksmiths?

Yes there are still Blacksmiths. Most Blacksmiths do it for fun. A portion of those blacksmith full time for a living.

Why were blacksmiths important as colonial craftsmen?

Horses and wagons could not have operated without blacksmiths. Blacksmiths did all the necessary repairs.

Did sugar create slavery?

No, sugar did not cause slavery. Slavery existed long before the United States existed, or the Americas were discovered by Europeans. In fact, slavery existed long before the European countries existed.

How long has the cell phone existed?

the cell phone has existed for 27 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How long have roses existed?

Roses have existed for at least 40 million years.

How long have dalmatians existed?

how long have dalmatian exist

How long has war existed?

As long as diversity exist.

Who is the god of fire and Blacksmiths?

Vulcan Hephaestus is the Greek god of Blacksmiths.

Did slaves work for blacksmiths?

Slaves possibly worked for blacksmiths in the southern US. There were blacksmiths all over the world who did not use slave labour.

When were the Hell's Angels founded?

They were never founded, they just existed as long as criminality existed.

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