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Q: How long have otters been on Earth?
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Related questions

How long have sea otters been endangered?


How long have sea otters been around?

With use of genetic and fossil evidence, sea otters have been around for at least 5 million years.

How long are otters?

Sea otters can be 5 feet long

How long has archaebacteria been on earth?

how long has archaebacteria been on earth? how long has archaebacteria been on earth?

How long do sea otters get?

Sea otters get to be 4 to 5ft long

Why do otters have long tails?

Otters have long tails to keep their balance.

How long has there been living things on earth?

Living things have been on Earth since Earth was created. We have been living a long long time.

How many Long-tailed otters are left?

There are approximately 5 long tailed otters left in the world. There are a lot

Why can't humans stay underwater as long as otters?

Their physiology is not adapted for this as is the otters

What kinds of otters are there?

There are sea otters and other otters. In the category of "other" otters, you can include the North American River Otter, Giant Otter of South America, Asian small clawed otters, Congo clawless otters, Capr clawless otters, Southern river otters, hairy nosed otters, spot necked otters, neo tropical long tailed otters, and others I may fail to mention.

Are otters natives to Australia?

No. Otters are not native to Australia; nor have they been introduced in the wild.

What animals eat otters?

The Western Long-Headed river shark eats Otters, Otters are mainly targeted torwards bears, and other cernivores

How long have mice been on this earth?

they have been on the earth for along time

How long are sea otters?

California sea otters are roughly 4 feet long. Northern sea otters are slightly larger. They weigh up to approximately 45 lbs (females) - 65 lbs (males). Northern sea otters can reach up to 100 pounds.

How long has homosapiens been on earth?

Homosapiens have been on earth when the earth has started birth in the world.

Are otters gay?

Homosexuality has been observed in many species and undoubtedly exists in otters as well, although most otters, like most people, are heterosexual.

How long has the great white shark been on Earth?

It has not been yet proven/found for how long the Great White Shark has been on Earth.

Do otters live in Australia?

No. Otters do not live in Australia. They are neither native to the country, nor have they been introduced.

How long have cat been around?

As long as the earth has been here.

Do otters have long tails?


How long is a otters?

I think its 30m

How long have monkeys been on earth?

monkeys have been on the earth for about 230 years.

How long have peacocks been on earth?

They have been on the earth for when people started to have sex

How long have toucans been on Earth?

They have been on earth for over 12 days

How long can Otters stay under water?

Otters are able to stay underwater for up to 8 minutes.