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48 days...not counting weekends

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Q: How long is 4Y0X1 tech school?
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How long is tech school for 4N011?

3 months

How long do you go to school for EKG tech?

9 months

How long is the tech school for the afsc 1u031?

16 months

How long is tech school for public health in the air force?

60 Days

How long does x ray tech school usually take?

There are several different school options for an x ra tech. The schooling is usually completed within two years.

When was Tech Music School created?

Tech Music School was created in 1983.

How long is tech school for 2a6x6?

4-5 months At Langley-Eustis

What is a vo-tech school?

A vo-tech school is a "vocational" or "technical" school that could help you advance your career in business. An example is Western Vo-tech.

What is bulldog tech in leyva?

It's a school within a school. that use tech to teach.

Which high school is better trimble tech or paschal high school?

Trimble tech

How long is air diet therapy tech school?

It is one month at Lackland air force base

When was High Tech High School created?

High Tech High School was created in 1991.