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He is exempt through 2006. He received a five year exemption for his win at the 2001 British Open.

It is correct that David Duval is exempt through 2006 because of his British Open win in 2001, however, since he is also currently #20 on the Career PGA Tour Money List that means that he is also eligible for a one-time one year exemption once his regular exempt status ends. Follow David Duval's journey this year at - we are dedicated to covering his progress this year and we feel that he will re-emerge as one of the top players on the PGA Tour.

UPDATED as of 09/18/2008 - The new website is - And the answer to this question (as of 09/18/2008) is that David Duval has the Top 50 in Career Earnings List exemption that can be used as a one-time exemption. The 2007 season was covered by the Top 25 Career Earnings List exemption. The 2008 season was covered by the Major Medical Exemption (due to the difficult pregnancy for David's wife). The 2009 season can be covered by the normal exemption rules (Top 125, Win a PGA Tour event, etc.), and could also be covered by the Top 50 in Career Earnings List exemption if necessary if none of the regular exemptions are obtained.

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Q: How long is David Duval exempt?
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