How long is Norway?

Updated: 11/10/2022
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The biggest distance (in air): south of Lindesnes - nothern coast of Kvitøya: 2635,96 km.

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Q: How long is Norway?
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How long are Norway nights?

Depends immensely on where you are (Norway is long) and time of year.

How long is the Mjosa river in Norway?

It is 117km long.

How long do women in Norway live How long do men in Norway live?

woman 83 years men 78 years

How long can you use your UK Driving Licence in Norway for?

You can use it as long as you live since both (UK and Norway) are part of the EU.

What is Norway's distance from the ocean or sea?

Zero. Norway has an extremely long coastline with the north sea.

What are the phsical charactistics of Norway?

Long and hilly

What was the date Norway came into existence?

a long long time ago

What are Norway's neighbours?

Norway share a long border with Sweden. And a short bit with Finland. Closest across water is Denmark.

Is Norway a developed or developing country?

Norway "developed" a long time ago! Probably before wherever you are did!

What country is part of Scandinavia and has long border with Norway?

Out of all the the countries apart of the Scandinavian peninsula, Sweden shares the longest border with Norway.

How long are in jauary in Hammerfest in Norway?

31 days.

It shares the long Scandinavian peninsula with Sweden?