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How long is a day and night on Mercury?


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The period of rotation on Mercury is 59 days.

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Mercury has essentially no atmosphere, which means that, while the day is extremely hot, it cannot hold onto that heat at night. Both day and night on Mercury are very long, with a single day-night cycle lasting 176 Earth days.

Mercury does have a day and night. Temperatures become very cold at night because Mercury has no real atmosphere to hold the heat at the surface.

Night lasts for approximately 88 Earth days on Mercury.

On day warm on night cold! It depends in the country and where it is located.

Mercuryrevolvesquickly but rotates slowly. One full day-night cycle takes about 179 Earth days. Thus, a night on Mercury lasts about three months and is followed by three months of daylight.

It has a very slow rotation on its axis, therefore making the night and day cycle very long. However, Mercury has even longer days and nights.Although Venus takes longer to rotate than Mercury it rotates in the opposite direction. The result is that Mercury has a longer day ( "solar day") thanVenus.

1) Mercury takes about 58.6 Earth days to rotate, so the daytime lasts a long time and so does the night. 2) Mercury has no significant atmosphere to carry heat around the planet.

At day it is 473 degrees C and at night it is -184 degrees C.

IT IS MERCURY. (It is not Venus.)

One revolution of the tiny planet of Mercury is 58.6 days. That is equal to over 1,400 hours or nearly two months.

the same thing that causes day and night on every other planet - it rotates.

350 degrees in the day time 170 degrees in the night time

Mercury keeps one side turned toward the Sun all the time. It does not rotate like Earth, therefore it does not have a day/night cycle.

A day is 12 hoursA night is 12 hours

The night side of Mercury is not receiving any direct sunlight. Because Mercury is so close to the sun, the day side of Mercury has a significant increase in heat.

It ranges from 425 degrees in the day to - 170 degrees at night.

Mercury has very very long days. Each day on Mercury last as long as 58 hours, 15 hours on earth.

Mercury is the hottest planet, because it is the closest planet to the sun.

They are about 88 Earth days each. The "solar day" is about 176 Earth days.Mercury only has a small axial tilt. So, night and day should be about equal inlength everywhere on the planet.

during the day the sun shines during the night the moon is out

how long does it take for Mercury to rotate on its own axis IN ONE DAY

One full day is 24 hours long. How long a day or night is will depend on what part of the world you are located in.

Mercury has almost no atmosphere to trap heat. It has a very slow rotation so night lasts for many (earth) days, and in the long darkness without air, the heat radiates away rapidly.

Mercury is called the morning star and the evening star because it can be seen during the day and the night. Venus can also be seen in the day and night too.

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