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The answer to this question depends on how we measure a "day". If we think of a day as the amount of time it takes the moon to rotate 360oon its axis, then one lunar day is about 27.32 Earth days long. However, if we consider the perspective of an observer standing on the moon, then a day is the amount of time between two sunrises (or sunsets, or noons; from any point, around and back to the same point). In this case, a lunar day lasts about 29.5 Earth days. This is usually the definition that astronomers prefer.

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Q: How long is a day on the moon?
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How long can you see the moon in the day?

You can see the moon for about 8 hours in the day

How long is a moon year?

a moon year is 27.5 days long but its 27.32 days in a lunar day

Do moon phases change each day?

yes, the moon phases change every day. as long as the moon keeps orbiting earth, that will happen.

How long is a day on planet titan?

First, Titan is a moon of the planet Saturn. And a day on that moon lasts 15.9Earth-days.

What are the names of the mountains on the dark side of the moon?

There is no "dark side of the Moon"; the Moon's day is 28.5 days long, but it has regular cycles of day and night. Perhaps you are referring to the FAR side of the Moon?

Why is 1 day on the moon so long?

No TV.

How long is a day if you were on the moon?

29.5 earth days

How long is a day on the moon Io?

A day on Jupiter's moon Io is 1.769, 137, 786 days. Io is in a synchronous orbit, which means that a moon's orbit around its parent planet is the same as one of the moon's day.

How long does it take to go from 1st quarter moon to waxing gibbous moon?

1 day

How long is a day on the moon in terms of earth days?

A day on the Moon is 28 days because the Moon keeps one half turned towards the Earth. You can see which part of the Moon has sunlight by looking at it, the bright part is the place where it's day.

How Long is A full day and night on the moon is?

Each "day" - from Sunrise to Sunrise - on the Moon is 29.5 days. The Moon actually spins in 27.3 days, but because the Moon is also circling the Earth, the lunar "day" is a little different.

How is a day on the moon different from a day on the Earth?

It's roughly 29.5 times as long.

How long is a day in the moon?

29 1/2 days.

How long is a day sunrise to sunset on the moon?

2 weeks earth time

Could you ever observe the full moon during the day yes or no?

yes you can often see the moon during the day (as long as it isn't too cloudy)

How long does the moon revolve?

It takes the moon about 27 1/3 day to make 1 complete revolutiion

How long does a single day and night last on the moon?

i would say about 48 hours

How long is the trip of the moon around the earth?

1 Earth day.

How much is a day on earths moon?

24hoursAs the moon always shows the same face to the Earth, would not a day on the moon be infinitely long?

Is one Moon day the same as one Moon year?

No. The Moon travels with the Earth; once around the Sun is one year for both. A lunar day and night are around four Earth weeks long.

What is new moon day?

New moon day is the day in every month which the moon is completely seen.

What day is the day of the moon?

the day of the moon is a Saturday on Christmas eve

How long does it take the moon to revolve once?

I think a length of one day

How long is days?

1 "day" on the Moon = 29.5 days here on Earth.

How long is one day in the moon in terms earth days?

28 days

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