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How long is a football pitch?

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The length of a football (Soccer) pitch can vary between 90-120 meters.

(see related link for full dimensions)

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How long is 0.8km?

It is about two laps around a football pitch

How long is the soccer pitch?

The Length of a football pitch is 108 metres and is 83 metres wide.

How long is small intenstine?

Around a football pitch kind of length.

How many yards are in a football pitch?

105m long and 68m wide or 114.8 yards long and 74.4 yards wide (measurements rounded to a tenth of a yard) There are aprox. 8541.12 square yards in a football pitch

Is a football pitch bigger than a cricket pitch?

Yes football pitch is big than cricket pitch

A football pitch and label?

a ply area for football pitch label

How much does a football pitch cost?

200 for a football pitch okay

What is the size of a regulation Gaelic football field?

There is some flexibility in how large a pitch has to be but Gaelic Football and Hurling are played on a pitch approximately 137 metres long and 82 metres wide.

How many meters long is a football pitch?

between 100 metres and 110 metres!

How long did a man run?

1mile dat is a lot its 1600 laps of a football pitch

How long is the largest dinosaur?

It is a Sauropod which is the largest by being longer than a FOOTBALL PITCH

How many meters is a football pitch?

The largest size of a full football pitch is 90m wide by 120m long. Multiply these two dimensions if you want the area (10,800 m²) :] :p By Husna

How long is a GAA pitch?

Gaelic Football and Hurling are both played on a pitch approximately 137 metres long (449.5 feet) and 82 metres wide (269 feet).

Length in meters perimeter of a football pitch?

Is a football pitch a 100 metres in length?

What is the length of a standard football pitch?

The length of a standard football pitch is 105 metres.

What are dimensions of a 9 a side football pitch?

9 aside football pitch size

How many acres make a football field?

1 . 25 acres in a football pitch , .45 hectares in a football pitch .

How many square feet in a football pitch?

A football pitch is the field upon which the sport football is played. The regulation size of a pitch is approximately 76,854.3204 square feet.

What is a football playground called?

UK- football pitch. US- soccer pitch, soccer field.

Where do the player play football?

On a football pitch of course.

American football pitch size?

120 yards long by 53 1/3 yards wide.

How long is Sunderland's football pitch?

The Stadium of Light has a length of approximately 105 metres, or 115 yards.

How big was the first football pitch?

Here is part of an answer from another Football question about the origins or the beginning of the game. We don't really know how big the first ancient football pitch was. In 1863 the English invented football and set out specifcations for size of a football pitch.

What is the size of wembly football pitch?

The Wembley pitch size is 105 metres (115 yards) long and 68 metres (75 yards) wide.Allan :)

How big is a USA football pitch?

120 yards long by 53.33 yards wide (109.73 meters long by 48.77 meters wide).