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in Somalia there are 17 football pitch. there many small pitch's but the most famous pitch's are 17

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Q: How many football pitches are there in Somalia?
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72.26 football pitches to be exact

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the crater, which is the size of twenty football pitches, is in Arizona, USA.

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yes the titanic is the same size as three football-pitches

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Are football pitches flat or arched?

In football there is no pitch bases. In football it is hundred yard field that the football players play on.

What is Somalia main sport?

Soccer (football in Europe) without a doubt!

How many population in Somalia?

In Somalia the estimated population is 2010.

How many region consist Somalia?

There are eighteen regions in Somalia.

What deserts are in Somalia?

there are many desserts in Somalia like the gambo

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Yes there tiger in Somalia many of tiger

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None. It is something they say to try and give you an idea how big something is as most people can envisage the size of a football pitch.

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How many Sq miles is Somalia?

Somalia - 246,201 square miles.

How many square miles is Somalia?

Somalia = 246,201 square miles

How many square km is Somalia?

Somalia - 637,657 square km

How many pleople Somalia Kenya easlichi?

ilove Somalia pleople