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How long is a pig pregnant?

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A pig is pregnant for 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days (116 days)

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How long is a guniea pig pregnant?

a guniea pig is pregnant for 59 to 72days

How long is a giunea pig pregnant for?

a guinea pig is pregnant from 9 to 10 weeks

How long does it take a guinea pig to get pregnant?

The guinea pig can get pregnant in a matter of a few minutes.

How long is a guenia pig pregnant for?

guinea pig is usually pregnant for about a period of 10weeks per pregnancy.

How long will a guinea pig be pregnant?

Guinea pig pregnancy lasts about 59 - 72 days.

What is a pregnant pig called?

There is no separate word for a pregnant pig. A female pig is called a sow, so a pregnant pig could be referred to as a "pregnant sow."

How long does it take for a guinea pig to have a baby?

They are pregnant for 10 weeks

How long is a Yorkshire pig pregnant?

Pigs have a gestation period of 114 days.

Can a girl guinea pig get pregnant with a boy rabbit?

No the guinea pig will no get pregnant.

Is it ok to put a pregnant guinea pig with a non pregnant female guinea pig?

When I got my guinea pig, we didn't know she was pregnant, so about a month later, my sister got one that wasn't pregnant. It was a little less that a month after that that my guinea pig had 2 babies. During that time, though, Molly, the pregnant guinea pig, was acting very territorial, and Milly, the non pregnant guinea pig, was staying by herself and not having anything to do with Molly. So make sure that if you put a pregnant guinea pig with a non pregnant guinea pig, that the non pregnant guinea pig is a girl, or else there WILL be trouble.

How does a genia pig get pregnant without a male?

a guinea pig can not get pregnant without a male.

How many weeks is a guinea pig pregnant for?

A guinea pig is pregnant for about 9 weeks.

How long should the guinea pig wait to get pregnant again?

a guinea pig can become pregnant right after giving birth, you should wait a week or two before breeding again for her health.

Can a pregnant guinea pig live with a non pregnant guinea pig?

Only the guinea pig she mated with but be sure to separate them after birth

Can a boy guinea pig get another boy guinea pig pregnant?

No, only girls get pregnant :)

How old should a pig be to get pregnant?

I would recommend that your pig be 1 year old before it becomes pregnant but you should never intentionally make your guinea pig pregnant!

Is there a test to tell if a female guinea pig is pregnant?

I don't think there is a test to tell if a guinea pig is pregnant, but a pregnant guinea pig will not let you rub its stomach. If you are still unsure, take your guinea pig to a vet.

Can a guinea pig be pregnant by its self?

A guinea pig can only get pregnant if a male guinea pig has humped it. A guinea pig may have fallen pregnant while it was in the pet shop or where ever you got it. Now if you think she is pregnant it is important to research breeding guinea pigs.

Should you hold your guinea pig if shes pregnant?

You can just don't hold the female guinea pig for to long. It can upset her and upsetting her can cause her to have miscarriage.

How old does a girl guinea pig have to be to get pregnant?

The female guinea pig can become pregnant at 2 months.

How long does mom guinea pig stay pregnant?

Guinea pigs are pregnant for about two months.60 or 63 days is the early es

Can a guinea pig get pregnant while they are already pregnant?


What is a pregnant female pig called?

A pregnant sow

What does a guinea pig do if is pregnant?

The same thing as if it was not pregnant!

How does a pig look like when it is pregnant?

a pig looks big