How long is an ak47?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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about 870 milimeters

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Q: How long is an ak47?
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How long is a ak47 caliber?

If you mean how long is the cartridge for an AK47, it's 39 millimeters long. The caliber 7.62x39mm.

How long does a battery for an ak47 airsoft gun work?

10 years for one batterie

Can 308 ammo fit ak47?

From what i no about ak47's, no. You can get an ak that will shot a .223 round though. <><><><><><><> The AK47 is caliber 7.62x39. The .308 is a much longer (about a half inch longer), more powerful cartridge, with a heavier bullet, and is too long to cycle through the AK action.

Was it ever legal to purchase an ak47 in US?

Yes, & it still is as long as your local laws allow it.

How do you get the ak47 on bad compony 2?

there is no ak47 in bad company 2.

Can you get the AK47 in zombies black ops?

no. BUT there is a Ak47u which is the smaller version of an ak47.

Who invented the AK47 rifle?

The AK47 was invented by Mr.Kalishnakov, In the Soviet Union.

Where can you find pictures of an AK47?

click google and then click images and type ak47

How long does the GB AK47 Beta Spetz Airsoft Rifle take to charge?

20 to 30 min

Where can you get ak47 dgi-c in blackshot?

Ak47 dgi-c you can get when you reach first Lieutenant black....(ak47 dgi-c has less ammo than other ak's)

Is the MP5 better than the AK47?

Not really, if you want to blow a mans arm off, go with the ak47, if you want to raid a house, use a silenced mp5 . Depends on what the environment gives you. Desert/ AK47 Urban/ Mp5 TO ADD TO THAT... the Mp5 is a 9mm gun = weak compared to the 7.62x39mm round of the AK47. The AK47 is deadly in close range, but horrible at long range, only up to 400 meters, but the MP5 can only hit up to 150 meters. Besides the MP5 is a SMG can't really compare it to a assault rifle.---ALEX CHIEM

Where do you get a AK47 or AK47 on call of duty world at war final fronts?

under your mamas bed