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Q: How long is baking chocolate good?
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Can you use normal milk chocolate instead of bittersweet chocolate?

You can but it's not a good substitution in baking. You really need bittersweet or dark chocolate to give the chocolate intensity, which becomes diluted in baking recipes.

How long will a chocolate torte last after baking?

one week(7 days)

1 baking chocolate square is how many grams?

1 baking chocolate square is equal to 28.3 grams. This is the same as one ounce of the baking chocolate.

How do you sweeten baking chocolate?

When you use baking chocolate in baking, normally you melt and add it to your batter which normally has sugar and vanilla in it, both of which help flavor and sweeten the chocolate. I do not recommend eating whole chunks of baking chocolate though!

Can you use cocoa powder instead of baking chocolate?

Yes you could, you would have to mix it with water or milk to make the powder a liquid. This would not be as good as baking chocolate, but it will substitute okay.

Can you make milk chocolate out of a baking chocolate?


Is raw chocolate the same thing as baking chocolate?


Can you use baking chocolate to make chocolate syrup?

no you can not

Can you use baking chocolate to make chocolate chip cookies?

Absolutely not; baking chocolate will bleed into the cookie dough when it melts, leaving you with chocolate cookies instead of chocolate chip cookies.

8 squares of BAKERS baking chocolate equal how many ounces of chocolate chips?

12 ounces of chocolate chips equal 12 squares of baking chocolate.

What is the difference between baking chocolate and regular chocolate?

None specifically. The kind of chocolate used for baking should be high in cocoa solids - percentages are usually listed on both baking and eating chocolate. As long as you buy an eating chocolate high in cocoa solids (65% or higher), it will be fine to bake with (assuming no weird "fondant centres" or "caramel chunks" etc...). I think 'baking chocolate' is primarily sold to people who do not bake often, so do not know what to look for when choosing a chocolate variety with which to bake.

How can you substitute unsweetened baking chocolate for chocolate chips?


Can you substitute Hershey's milk chocolate bars for baking chocolate?

no no

Carbohydrates in a square of baking chocolate?

depends on your brand of chocolate

What is the difference between unsweetened baking chocolate and baking cocoa?

Chocolate baking squares can be substituted by cocoa powder but you have to add in shortening or butter to the conversion.

Can you use unsweetened baking chocolate instead of semi sweet baking chocolate?

Yes, but the tatse will be a bit different.

Is baking chocolate the same as dark chocolate?

No, Baking chocolate is just pressed coco powder, whereas dark chocolate is a mixture of coco liquer, coco butter and sugar.

Do you use baking powder and baking soda in chocolate chip cookies?

Only baking soda is needed for chocolate chip cookies. Read the chips bag!

Are baking chocolate and unsweetened chocolate the same thing?

Yes, baker's chocolate and unsweetened chocolate are the same.

Can you substitute chocolate baking squares for baking cocoa?

Yes, as the wrapper of the baking squares will explain.

How long is refridgerated baking powder good for?


What is the difference between cooking chocolate and milk chocolate?

Cooking chocolate, more often called baking chocolate, is specifically designed to be used in baking. It is usually unsweetened or semi-sweet, although some varieties hare sweetened. Baking chocolate has a higher proportion of chocolate liquor or chocolate solids than does other kinds of chocolate and has no milk added. Milk chocolate is intended for direct consumption (eating). It has milk as a major component along with sugar and thus has a lower proportion of chocolate liquor or chocolate solids than does dark chocolate and baking chocolate.

Does baking chocolate contain dairy?

Real Chocolate is dairy free.

Can I use Lindt chocolate bars for baking?

Baking chocolate generally contains more cocoa than chocolate produced for eating. Lindt does, however, make baking chunks, and some of their other bars are ideal for baking, like Lindt Excellent 70%

What is a good recipe for a chocolate chip cookie?

There are several good recipes for chocolate chip cookies. The most famous is probably the Tollhouse recipe, which can be found on various cooking and baking blogs.