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Many factors weigh in detecting the cocaine in urine.

When you screen urine for the cocaine,you are actually measuring benzoylecgonine, which is a metabolite of cocaine.

Generally, the accepted period of time for benzoylecgonine to be detected in urine is three to five days in occasional users of cocaine.

In high dose users above 0.5 gram or more can test positive even after eight days.

In chronic users of extremely high doses of 112 grams in a week, the benzoylecgonine was detected between even 10 to 22 days.

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How long can a urine drug test detect cocaine?

Cocaine can be detected for 48-72 hours in a standard urine test. If you are a heavy user it can remain detectable for up to 10 days.

How long is xanax detectable in urine test?

how long is klonipin detectable in urine test

How long is marihuana detectable in your urine?


How long does the volume of ice stay in your urine how long is it detectable for?


How long is cannabis detectable in blood or urine?

28 days

How long is 7.5Mg of Hydrocodone detectable in urine?

3 days

How long is Ambien detectable in urine?

6 to 14 days

Is nubain detectable in a standard opioid urine screen?

Is nubain detectable in urine screen?

How long is Ativan detectable in urine test?

3-7 days

How long is cigarette smoking detectable in blood or urine?

10 days

How long does heroine stay in urine?

its detectable for 1 -7 days

How long marijuana shows in urine?

Thirty days for detectable threshold.

How long will 4mg of clonazepam be detectable in urine?

3-5 days

How long is xanax detectable in urine?

only took 2 xanac how long in system

How long does marawana sta in your system?

Marijuana is detectable in the urine for a month after consumption.

How long is Fentanyl detectable in urine and blood drug testing?

40 days

How long will 4mg of clonazepam be detectable in a urine test?

3-5 days

How long will cocain stay in your urine after use?

Cocaine can stay in your urine after use for up to 48 hours. There are tests that will detect cocaine even long after you have stopped using it.

How long is LSD detectable in your urine?

a few days up to a week , like ecstasy

How long it take cocaine and opiates to get out of your urine?

It can take 4 to 5 days for cocaine and opiates to get out of your urine, but this may differ from one person to another.

How long does it take for crack cocaine to not show up on urine drug test?

crack cocaine last three days in the blood or urine system.

How long does cocaine take to get out of your urine?

About 3-4 days.

How long will marijuana be detectable in your urine?

In urine it rarely shows after one month. In hair it is determined by length. No longer then ten years.

How long will lorazepam be detectable in a urine drug screen after one use?

2-5 days

How long is shrooms detectable in a urine test?

It isn't detectable in a urine test. To my understanding, psilocybin it is only detectable through a spinal tap. The above answers would be right is we were talking about LSD. Psilocybin can be detected in the blood stream for up to a week.