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How long is common to have pain after a tooth extraction?


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I had a tooth extracted a month ago and still have inflammation in the gum and around the tooth next to what had been removed, he said it takes about two months to heal when I went back to the facial surgeon, he also said if it should still bother me after that to return and he would have to scrape the bone to smooth it down. Hope that helps.

All pain should be gone after a week.

Unless you have a dry socket, which occurs around four days after the tooth extraction and presents itself with a severe amount of pain. The pain can go away by itself, or the dentist can put a medication inside the extraction hole to make it heal more quickly.

[All pain should be gone after a week.] How long the pain lasts depends a lot on how old you are. At age 22, I had a bottom right wisdom tooth removed, and the pain was gone in three or four days. Earlier this month, at age 39, I had the bottom left wisdom tooth removed. 14 days later (today) I still feel like someone has been boxing with my while I wasn't looking. My oral surgeon says this is normal for older patients.

Get some CoQ10 (a vitamin supplement). CoQ10 works miracles helping mouth tissues to heal. Ideally, buy some 100Mg CoQ10 softgels and take four a day, spread out across the day. CoQ10 is found in cells throughout the body, but it is found in highest concentration in gum/mouth tissue cells. I take it 100Mg to 200Mg daily, but when I have any dental work planned I ramp-up the amount a couple of weeks in advance and continue until it has healed.

I learned about CoQ10 years ago, prior to having all four of my impacted wisdom teeth extracted. I took it prior to, and following their removal. When I went back to the dentist for a follow-up visit, the dentist remarked that he'd never seen anyone heal so quickly. I'm convinced the CoQ10 supplementation was responsible for my quick recovery.

My father had a very similar result - very quick healing following dental work and CoQ10 supplementation.


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