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I had a tooth extracted a month ago and still have inflammation in the gum and around the tooth next to what had been removed, he said it takes about two months to heal when I went back to the facial surgeon, he also said if it should still bother me after that to return and he would have to scrape the bone to smooth it down. Hope that helps.

All pain should be gone after a week.

Unless you have a dry socket, which occurs around four days after the tooth extraction and presents itself with a severe amount of pain. The pain can go away by itself, or the dentist can put a medication inside the extraction hole to make it heal more quickly.

[All pain should be gone after a week.] How long the pain lasts depends a lot on how old you are. At age 22, I had a bottom right wisdom tooth removed, and the pain was gone in three or four days. Earlier this month, at age 39, I had the bottom left wisdom tooth removed. 14 days later (today) I still feel like someone has been boxing with my while I wasn't looking. My oral surgeon says this is normal for older patients.

Get some CoQ10 (a vitamin supplement). CoQ10 works miracles helping mouth tissues to heal. Ideally, buy some 100Mg CoQ10 softgels and take four a day, spread out across the day. CoQ10 is found in cells throughout the body, but it is found in highest concentration in gum/mouth tissue cells. I take it 100Mg to 200Mg daily, but when I have any dental work planned I ramp-up the amount a couple of weeks in advance and continue until it has healed.

I learned about CoQ10 years ago, prior to having all four of my impacted wisdom teeth extracted. I took it prior to, and following their removal. When I went back to the dentist for a follow-up visit, the dentist remarked that he'd never seen anyone heal so quickly. I'm convinced the CoQ10 supplementation was responsible for my quick recovery.

My father had a very similar result - very quick healing following dental work and CoQ10 supplementation.

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Q: How long is common to have pain after a tooth extraction?
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What is the complication of wisdom tooth extraction?

One of the common complications are pain and delayed healing. This wisdom tooth extraction is what dentist call as minor oral surgey. Read the article here

What are the complications of wisdom teeth extraction?

pain , bleeding and delayed healing are the common complications

What to do for pain after wisdom tooth extraction?

Keep an ice pack on your face on the side where your tooth was extracted

Will the patient have ear pain after tooth extraction?

I recently had mine removed and I felt no ear pain at all.

Can you use Orajel after wisdom tooth extraction for pain?

It would probably help.

Sore gum after tooth extraction?

Your gums will be sore for a few days after an extraction. You may want to call your dentist to get a prescription for the pain.

How long does the pain last after tooth extraction?

The pain after a tooth extraction can last anywhere from 1 day to up to a week sometimes more depending on what tooth was pulled. some teeth are more deep rooted then others and can take longer to heal. also depends on whether or not there was infection before the tooth was extracted or if you develop a dry socket. I would suggest going back to see the oral surgeon for a check up if you are still having a lot of pain after the 3rd day or if the pain becomes worse.

What are some signs of infection after wisdom tooth extraction?

Swelling near the jawbone, severe pain, possible pain in the tongue

Recommended tablets after tooth extraction?

If you mean for pain, normally Tylenol #3...or Tylenol with codeine!

Can you give a sentence with the word subsided?

The pain in his jaw subsided a few hours after the tooth extraction.

How many days should tooth extraction hurt?

Normally, a tooth extraction shouldn't hurt more than a week but if infection or low pain tolerance can extend recovery and painful post-operative discomfort.

What is the best pain medicine to take after a tooth extraction?

oxycodone is the best, some dentists prescribe hyrdocodone

Why are you in severe pain after tooth extraction?

It's the moving of a tooth that has been there for awhile, but you are usually numb so you don't feel pain, you'll feel pressure most people confuse the two.

Is tongue pain common after tooth extractions?


How long should the pain from a wisdome tooth extraction last?

7-10 days; 10-14 days if dentist had to go deeper into the gum near the roots.

How long after a a tooth extraction that was cut to take out the tooth in pieces will the pain go away?

This is hard to tell, as everyone is different, but I will tell you that I have seen it last up to a week to 10 days. Possibly longer, depending on the severity of the extraction. Don't be embarrassed to go back to your dentist to ask for more pain meds. He may also be able to pack the area with a soothing medication.

How do you stop sevear tooth pain?

if you are having severe tooth pain, you should see a dentist. it would usually indicate your tooth is dying or the nerves in your tooth are dying off. Sensitive to hot or pressure will most likely result in a root canal or extraction of that tooth. Waiting for the pain to disappear will only result in future issues. should cold or hot be used to relive pain

What can can happen drinking beer after tooth extraction?

Alcohol "numbs" the senses, so drinking beer should help "dull" the pain from having your tooth extracted.

What happens if food gets into a tooth extraction hole?

If you get food into a tooth extraction hole, it can cause pain, infection, and decrease the healing time. Your doctor should have given you a syringe that you can use to squirt water into the hole to get any food out.

How long does your tooth hurt after the tooth is pulled?

generally for a few hours, as the pain killers will subdue the pain

Why does pain move from the extacted tooth in the back to the front teeth after extraction?

Maybe it has to do with the placement of nerves in you're mouth?

I got a fever within hours of tooth extraction could this be related?

Yes, it is your body's way of dealing with pain!

Could a tooth extraction affect your eardrum even a week after the extraction?

If you had a lower molar or wisdom tooth removed you can experience radiating pain to the ear on that particular side. If the pain is severe it can signal the beginning of an infection or what is referred to as a dry socket. You should go see your dentist or oral surgeon.

What is revere extraction?

Revere extraction is defined as the process by which a Dentist removes a tooth. Usually associated with tooth pain or a toothache.The dictionary definition of word revere is to have great respect for (someone or something) : to show devotion and honor to (someone or something)

Is it normal to have a mild pain in temple after tooth extraction?

I say it is unlikely because I had a tooth extraction and it hurt for a little while but then it also didn't hurt in my temple it could be stress I consider taking motrine , pain relievers or taking a nap if non of that works then i say GO TO THE DOCTER AND FAST.