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How long is pink eye contagious?

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pink eye is contagious for as long as symptoms are present. If the eye is still red, swollen, and teary, you can catch pink eye.

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What is pink eye and is it contagious?

It is an infection and it is contagious

How long does pink eye stay contagious?

Pink is most commonly a virus. Viruses are always contagious. They will be contagious until the body can fight all of them off.

What is a sentence with the word contagious?

The pink eye was contagious!

Is pink eye dangerous?

Pink eye is not as much as dangerous as contagious.

Is pink eye a contagious disease?

Pink eye is tremendously contagious. For that reason, children should be taught to wash their hands frequently, to eliminate most of the pink eye germs.

Is pink eye contagious for dogs?

NO !

What is a treatment for pink eye?

You need to go to the doctor for antibiotics. Pink eye is very contagious.

What is the difference between pink eye and an allergic reaction?

pink eye is contagious but an allergic reaction is not

A contagious disease named after a color?

PinkeyePink eye is a contagious disease.

Is viral pinkeye contagious?

viral pink eye

What are facts about the pink eye?

Pink eye is very contagious. It is caused by virus or bacteria. Poor handwashing is usually the way a person gets pink eye.

Who gets pink eye?

Because pink-eye is a highly contagious infection, pretty much everyone can get, even of they have perfect vision.

Are pink eye and conjunctivitis the same thing?

Pink eye is a more contagious form of conjunctivitis. It is caused by the bacterium, Hemophilus aegyptius.

Should you be at work with pink eye?

It can be highly contagious. Ask your doctor.

How contagious is pink eye?

It is very contagious if one person touches there eye and then for some reason touches your hand and you touch your eye you can get it don't share eye make up or anything of that sort

Is pink eye contagious?

Yes, pink eye is HIGHLY contagious. Make sure you wash your hands often and if you touch your eye be sure to wash your hands immediately and spray Lysol on whatever you touch after touching your eye. Be sure not to spread the germs from the infected eye to the normal eye if you only have it in one. Its only contagious for the first 24-48 hours after that your fine.

Is pink eye contagous?

Pink eye is very contagious... You must not touch your eyes and clean every thing you touch to reduce the spreading of the disease

What is pink eye?

Pink eye, a bacterial infection of the conjunctiva (the eyes' mucus membrane), is spread by physical contact (touching the bacteria then touching your eyes). Pink eye is very contagious and can spread to both eyes but can usually be treated with mild antibiotics. If you have pink eye, see a doctor and don'treturn to school or work until the redness decreased and the doctor says you're no longer contagious.

Is pink eye serious?

It can be. It is a symptom of an infection of the eye, and that infection should be treated. It is possible that an untreated infection can damage the eye. Pink eye is also very contagious, so if you do not treat it, you will probably give it to someone else.

Would pink eye be contagious when exposed in a concession stand?

YUPPP totally u betta watch out!!

Does conjunctivitis spread?

Conjunctivitis (pink-eye) is insanely contagious. If you have contracted a pink-eye infection, you should avoid contact with other people, avoid touching the infected area, and wash your hands and your eye(s) frequently.

Can you get pink eye in both eyes?

Yes! Bacterial conjunctivitis is very contagious! If you rub your already infected eye, and then touch anywhere near your other eye, your other eye will contract the bacteria. Be sure to consciously wash your hands after touching your face if you have pink eye!

How can pink eye spread?

Infectious forms of pink eye are highly contagious and are spread by direct contact with infected people. If you or your child has infectious pink eye, avoid touching the eye area and wash your hands frequently, particularly after applying medications to the eye area. Never share towels or handkerchiefs, and throw away tissues after each use. Disinfecting surfaces like countertops, sinks, and doorknobs can also help prevent the spread of infectious pink eye.Pink Eye At A GlancePink eye (conjunctivitis) can be due to infectious or noninfectious causes.Infectious pink eye is contagious.Infectious pink eye can be caused by bacteria or viruses.Avoiding contact with infected people, disinfection of household surfaces, and good hygienic practices can help prevent the spread of infectious pink eye.Noninfectious pink eye can be caused by allergy, chemical irritation, underlying inflammatory diseases, or trauma.See the related link for more information.

If you have pink eye should you throw out your make up?

Yes, you do if you are sure it is pink eye. I got it one year from a student in my classroom and it is very contagious. The make up will carry the bacteria so it has to go.

Can pink eye be transmitted through kissing?

Yes, because you may come into contact with the infected person's eyes with your faces right up against one another. Pink eye is extremely contagious.