How long is sly cooper's cane?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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1.2 Meters

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Q: How long is sly cooper's cane?
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What is sly coopers dads name?

Sly's Dad's name is Conner Cooper.

What is the name of sly coopers dad?

sly didnt have a mom

Who is sly coopers dad?

Conner Cooper

What does Sly Coopers son look like?

He does not have one.

What is Sly's mother's name?

sly coopers mothers name is the sister of inspector fox.If you dont belive me then just play the mini games in sly 4 and the thieves of time.

What is sly 4 called?

Cane of Destiny!

Who are sly coopers ancestors?

You'll find out in sly 4. Maybe. It's called "Sly 4 thieves in time" so check that out.

Where can you get Sly Coopers signature?

Well seeing as he's not a real person, you can probably get "his" signature at a comicon.

Is Sly 4 Thieves in time or cane of destiny?

Cane of destiny but its just a rumor ATM

What happened to sly coopers mom?

no one knows what happened to his mom but his dad was killed by the fiendish five.

Did Sly Cooper lose his cane?

This is a conflicted question, as the canon sources that would prove whether he lost it or not are conflicting. It shows his cane abandoned in Sly 3, but in thieves in time he has one.

What happeneds in sly 4?

clockwork is still alive and dr. M survives the cave in on cane island