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How long is the Somalia coastline?

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The Somalia coastline is 3,025 km. This includes the the total length of the boundary between the land area (including islands) and the sea.

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Which country in africa has the longest coastline?


What country has the longest coastline in Africa?

Somalia has the longest there is not question about that

What African countries have an ocean coastline?

Somalia has the largest ocean in Africa

Which country has the longest coastline in Africa?

Madagascar, at almost 5,000 km. The longest coastline on the mainland belongs to Somalia, at about 3,000 km.

Which sea is Somalia in?

ÃŒt has a coastline on the Arabian Sea, which is part of the Indian Ocean.

What African country has the longest coastline?

Madagascar Of the mainland countries, its Somalia followed by Mozambique

Which country just south of Spain has a long coastline on the Atlantic ocean and a shorter one on the Mediterranean sea?

Either japan or Florida ,maybe Portugal, or Somalia

What countries have a coastline in Africa?

Many African countries have a coastline. These include Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Sengal, Guinea, The Ivory Coast, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Namibia.

Is Somalia on the western coast of Africa?

No, Somalia is not on the west coast of Africa.Specifically, Somalia is a country which is located on the northeast coast. It has a coastline on the northwestern Indian Ocean. It forms the Horn of Africa along with its neighbor countries Djibouti, Eritrea and Ethiopia.

How long is the coastline of Sweden?

The coastline of Sweden is approximately 3218kms (2000miles) long

How long is Africa's coastline?

south africs coastline is 1750 miles long

How long is Pakistan's coastline?

Pakistan's coastline is approximately 1,046 km long.

What is Europe's coastline length?

the coastline is about 80,000km long.

How long is the coastline in Chile South America?

The coastline of Chile is 2652 miles long

How long is Norway's coastline?

The Norwegian coastline is (with the Islands) 83.281km, without the islands the coastline is: 25.148km

How long is the coastline of Norway?

58133 km is the coastline of Norway

How long is the coastline of Kenya?

kenya's coastline is 536 km.

How long is Europes coastline?

Europe has a coastline of about 90,000 km.

How long is Florida's coastline?

Florida has a coastline of 1350 miles. It has the second longest coastline after Alaska, which has a huge coastline of 6640 miles.

How long was the union and confederate coastline?

The Confederate coastline was between 3,000 miles long. the Union coastline was about 2,600 miles long. The waterways were important for sending and receiving supplies.

What is the country with the largest coastline?

The country with the largest coastline is Canada. Canada's coastline is 152,100 miles long. The country with the shortest coastline is Monaco.

What is the length of Indian coastline?

The Indian Coastline is 4,671 miles long.

How long is Washington's pacific coastline?

157 Miles (general coastline)

How long is the coastline of Romania?

Black Sea coastline: 193,5 km

How long is the United Kingdom's coastline?

According to Wikipedia... The coastline is 11,073 miles (17,820 kilometres) long.