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it is 2783200 ft

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Q: How long is the coastline of Wales?
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How many miles of coastline are there in wales?

750 :)

How many country in Europe have a coastline?

33 countries in Europe have a coastline (17 do not).

Does New South Wales have a longer coastline than Tasmania?

No. The mainland coastline of New South Wales is 2007 km in length, while the islands make up an extra 130 km of coastline length. The mainland coastline of Tasmania is 2833 km in length, with an additional 2049 km of coastline on its islands. This gives NSW a total coastline length of just 2137 km compared to Tasmania's total coastline length of 4882 km.

In Australia what is the length of the New South Wales coastline?

The mainland length of the New South Wales coastline is 5437 km. In addition, islands make up another 5516 km. This brings the total length to 10 953 km.

What is the length of the New South Wales coastline?

According to the Australian Government Geoscience website, the area of New South Wales is about 800,628 square kilometres, with an additional 14 sq km in islands. The total is 800,642 km2. This equates to about 309,128 square miles.

What is the coastline of Pakistan?

South Western. Sindh and balochistan have long 1000km+ coastline

Which three states form Australia's eastern coastline?

The three states which form the eastern coastline of mainland Australia are Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

What found along Mexico long coastline?

What is found along Mexico long coastline

How long is the coastline in Chile South America?

The coastline of Chile is 2652 miles long

How long is Europes coastline?

Europe has a coastline of about 90,000 km.

How long is the coastline of Romania?

Black Sea coastline: 193,5 km

How long is the United Kingdom's coastline?

According to Wikipedia... The coastline is 11,073 miles (17,820 kilometres) long.