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The longest fingernail ever was...

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Q: How long is the longest fingernails?
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How long is the longest fingernails ever?

The longest fingernail ever was...

What is the lengths of longest fingernails in the world?

Its 20m long which very long.

Who has the longest fingernails on a female?

The longest fingernails on a female is Lee Redmond, whoes nails are24 ft. long! She has been growing them since 1979.

Who has the longest fingernails?

Lee Redmond (USA) has the longest fingernails (for a female). Her nails combined are 28ft. 4 in (8.65-m). The longest fingernails for a male is Melvin Boothe (USA). His fingernails are 29-ft 8-in (9.05-m).

Where online can a person go to learn about the world record for longest human toenails?

The Guinness World Records website has categories for longest fingernails (female) and longest fingernails (male). The site also includes prior holders of the title(s).

How long do human fingernails have to be before they are considered claws?

It doesnt matter how long they are, their still fingernails no matter what.

How long does it take for fingernails to grow?

It takes about 4 weeks for fingernails to grow.

How long does cocaine stay in your fingernails?

Can u cut your fingernails to pass a drug test

Can long fingernails traits passe on?


How long are the statue of liberty's fingernails?

1foot long

What are the various lengths for nails?

Human fingernails can be any conceivable length. The longest fingernails on record are 4.8 feet for men, and 3 feet for women. It is most common to keep fingernails short, around one-eighth of an inch.

What makes your fingernails grow long?


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