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A sticker on the battery states, Free Three Year Replacement, but I read it is deceiving. There is also some small print which reads: 108 Month Limited Warranty. Customer pays pro-rated charge. Receipt required for warranty protection.

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Q: How long is the warranty on a everstart battery ?
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Is the warranty coverage for Walmart's EverStart battery brand deceptive?

It doesn't look like it. The warranty terms look pretty standard to me. There are also no complaints about not honoring the warranty. There is a one year warranty coverage for Walmart's EverStart battery brand deceptive. For additional years of warranty, you must purchase it from Walmart or from EverStart.

What battery is used for a 2005 tiburon gt?

If you go to Walmart they should have a battery for you its a 124R3 everstart it also has a 2 year free replacement warranty

What everstart battery do you need for shadow ace 750?

Everstart ES14BS

Where can I find cheap EverStart batteries?

The right battery for your needs is as close as the nearest Wal-Mart store. The EverStart battery line includes a battery for nearly every make and model vehicle.

What is the cold crankings amps for everstart es16lbs battery?


What is the cheapest lawn garden battery?

As of May 2014, the cheapest lawn garden battery would have to be Everstart. According to reviews Everstart offers great performance and even lasts for years.

How do you reset an everstart car battery?

There is no such thing as resetting an automobile battery. You can recharge it but you cannot reset it.

What everstart battery you use for Honda crv?

Any Walmart can tell you the correct size battery to buy.

Will the everstart maxx es9bs be the right battery for a 06 gsxr 750?

yes i i checked what my bike had and its the everstart es9bs i bought it used a yr ago and its still kinking

How strong are EverStart batteries?

Everstart batteries are pretty good they are the most popular brand of car battery that you can get. They also make them for things like lawn mowers, and 4 wheelers.

How long is a warranty for a Dell battery?

"A Dell battery warranty is for one year, which is less time than the computer warranty. Dell acknowledges that the battery life is shorter than the life of the machine and falls into the ""consumable"" category."

Who makes everstart batteries for wal-mart?

The Walmart Everstart battery is manufactured by 3 different companies depending on the exact one you buy. The manufactures are: Delphi Exide Johnson Controls