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This may not answer the question specifically, but really not that long for each work out, but I believe you will see growth within three months.


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Yes, it is possible to build muscle with dumbbells. Dumbbells are considered a "resistance" training method and help build muscle substantially.

Leg muscle training, by holding dumbells and squatting, or by using a weight machine.

Not really, to tone your biceps you need to be lifting heavy weights so that you put stress on your muscles, your muscle will then grow bigger to adapt to the amount of stress you are putting on the muscle.

The difference between muscle mass and muscle hypertrophy is that muscle hypertrophy is the increase in size of skeletal muscle while muscle mass is the weight of your body muscle.

what is the difference between muscle spasm and muscle cramps

Not really, because at one stage your body will get adapted to 7kg dumbbells and in order for the muscle to keep growing, you have to increase the weighs.

contracted muscle and relaxed muscle whats are the difference? contracted muscle means its very very contracted and relaxed muscle means its very very relaxed

A kettlebell is a piece of workout equipment that is very effective in building muscle. You use it just like you would with dumbells. The advantage of the kettlebell is that you only need one.

To start, one set of low weight, maybe one or two pounds, dumbells are all that is needed. As it becomes easier to use the lower weight ones, move up to 5 and then even 10 depending on how large one is trying to build the muscles.

The main difference between skin and muscle cells is the tissue. Skin cells are comprised of epithelial tissue, and muscle cells are comprised of muscle tissue.

Lifting weighs refers to picking up dumbells from the ground in order to gain muscle mass. A treadmill is device that allows a person the ability to run indoors.

A deep muscle is deeper in the body and a superficial muscle is closer to the surface.

The Voluntary muscle is a muscle that you can control. e.g. Leg or arm. The Involuntary muscle is a muscle that you can not control. e.g. heart.

its different in each muscle contracted muscle this is very contracted and relaxed muscle this helps you to relax

Nope, you need protein for muscle gain but you DO need some fat from your meals to supply yourself with energy; both for staying alive, and to lift those heavy dumbells :)

The difference is, that the Striated muscle has more tension on it, As the smooth muscle (non-striated) has less tension. Hope this helps :)

The difference is that the strained muscle has more tension on it and the smooth muscle doesn't like if you break your leg you relay on the other leg to get you around so while the muscle fixes you should use the other arm.

The main difference is that striated (skeletal) muscle is voluntary and cardiac and smooth (visceral) are involuntary.

explain the difference between the two types of skeletal muscle tissue?

an involuntary muscle is a muscle that contracts without conscious control. a voluntary muscle is a muscle that can be controlled

The difference between muscle atrophy and dystophy is that the atrophy is a wasting away of muscle due to disease or poor nutrition. Muscle dystrophy is degeneraion of muscles or any organs in the body caused by a disease process, or it can also be caused by malnourishment.

The main difference is that striated (skeletal) muscle is volunatary and cardiac and smooth (visceral) are involuntary.

Thee difference between muscle in veins and arteries is that muscles of arteries are thicker compared to those of veins.

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