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A child should use a car seat until they are ready for a booster seat you will know when its basically like clothes they will outgrow it. they should be in the booster seat until they are 4 foot 9.

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Q: How long should a baby use a car seat?
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What direction should a baby car seat face when in the back seat of a car?

facing the backrest of the seat it is on

How old should a baby be to ride in a convertible car?

The laws that apply to sedans are the same ones that apply to convertibles. As long as the baby is in the back seat and is secured in an approved baby seat it can ride in a convertible. But never in the front seat of any car.

How long can a child travel in a car seat?

as long the baby is quiet

What are the car seat guidelines for baby seats in California?

The guidelines for baby seats for California should be posted in the state laws. In the state laws it will tell you how long a child should be in a car seat based on age, height and weight.

Are there changes in the baby car seat laws?

Baby car seat laws have not recently changed. They have become standardized due to significant research. A new car dealership should have information on them.

What safety precautions should one take when transporting their baby by car?

When transporting a baby in a car one must always have a current model car seat. It is recommended that your car seat be installed by professionals at your local dealership. A child seat must never be installed in the front seat. If your car has rear airbags the seat should be installed in the middle of the vehicle seat to avoid injury in case of an accident.

Is it legal to put a baby on the front seat of the car in Illinois?

No it is not legal to put a baby in the front seat of a car.

Is it illegal to put your baby in the backseat of your Porsche?

Every country have different rules on how a baby's seat should be and where in a car. But it has to be in a special seat for babies so the baby is protected if you crash.

Can put a baby in the car without baby seat?

yes---- you may put a baby in a car without a baby seat(capsule ) but you must not drive the vehicle

Where can one purchase a car seat for a baby?

One can purchase a car seat for a baby from car stores, such as Halfords. Alternatively, one can purchase a car seat from webpage stores such as Amazon or Ebay.

How big does a baby legally have to be before you can put them in a front facing car seat?

a baby can seat in the fornt of the car at 11!!!!

How does the car seat of a four months old baby looks like?

For a small baby (4 months qualifies), the car seat should be 1) mostly reclined, and 2) facing backwards. And also - for all kids in car seats - in the BACK seat, not the front.

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