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around as long as one of your normal periods i didnt bleed after my d and c but they told me it could last up to 5 to 7 days

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2005-11-19 01:21:46
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Q: How long should you bleed if you miscarried?
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How long will i bleed for after a miscarage?

Depends how far along you are. I miscarried at 5 weeks and bled for 7-9 days. So sorry =[

What is the sign if you miscarried at four weeks of pregnancy?

Usually you will bleed and be really sick

What will happen if you miscarried and did not see a doctor?

As long as you feel all right and the bleeding has stopped you should be fine.

If miscarried should you go to the doctor's immediately?


How long should you bleed after suction dnc?

5 - 10 days

Is it normal to have bleeding for very long time?

it depends what you are bleeding from. if you have a nose bleed then it shouldn't bleed for long. if it is a paper cut it shouldn't bleed long. usually if you treat the wound correctly depending on what it is the bleeding should stop within a couple of minuts. it can be bad to bleed for a long time, even fatal

How long should your mouth bleed after pulling tooth?

up to 9 days

How many days do you spot when your cherrys popped?

You should not bleed for very long. Some bleed for an hour, some for a few days, and some people don't bleed at all.

How long can you bleed when having a miscarriage?

If it goes on for very long you should see your GYN to get some help with the problem.

What should you do if you got pregnant and miscarried with the paraguard?

If you got pregnant and miscarried with the ParaGuard, you should visit your doctor for a complete check up. There might be a reason that the ParaGuard failed and it may even cause damage to the uterus.

How long do a dog bleed after birth?

how long do a dog suppose to bleed after giving birth?

How do you know if I have miscarried?

It is impossible to know if you have miscarried without a doctor's examination. If you fear you have miscarried, call your doctor immediately.

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