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You should keep your mascara until it gets real hard inside of the mascara container/bottle. Mascara should not be clumped before you put it on your eye lashes. My opinion, you should keep mascara for no longer than a month. At some times the mascara can still be good longer than a month. It all depends on the brand of mascara you have.

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How long should mascara be used before replacing it?

About 3 months or when it starts to dry out.

What is the best mascara brand for someone with long eyelashes?

Well, this is my opinion. I think that you should just get black reg mascara, because they are already long why make them any longer. Get my point? I have long lashes so... That is what i use! :)

How long does greatlash mascara last?

Mascara is good for six months after you open it for the first time! After that you should buy a new tube if its not all used up before then.

How do you keep your mascara from creating raccoon eyes?

By using a good quality mascara that doesn't flake. If your raccoon eyes are from sweat, try waterproof mascara.

Do you have to wear mascara with fake eyelashes?

No. If they're really long, mascara is unnecessary.

How long until eye makeup may be worn?

mascara you should nnot have more than 3 monthsd

Why should you take your mascara off before bed?

if you dont the mascara get clumped on to your lashes and then they fall out leaving you with hardly any lashes to put mascara on :/

What can you use to renew mascara?

A little water or liquid eye makeup remover. Remember though not to keep mascara for more than 6 months to keep from getting eye infections.

What is the best covergirl mascara?

That's really up to you. If you have long eye lashes you may like a mascara that adds volume like the lashblast volume blasting mascara or the volumeexact mascara. But if you have short lashes you may like a mascara that adds length like the Lashblast Length mascara or the Lashexact mascara. And of course they all come in a waterproof version.

How long should you keep your teeth effect band in after your gap closes?

You should keep it in for as long as the dentist that fitted it advises.

How often should you throw away your mascara?

Mascara should be replaced every 3 months. You can replace it more often, especially if it starts to smell or feel thicker.

How can you lengthen the life of mascara?

Mascara has two problems: bacteria growth and it dries out over time. If after every time you use the mascara wand you wash it with soap and water and rub it over a paper towel to dry it before you insert it into the mascara cylinder, you reduce the chance of contaminating the mascara with bacteria from your eyes. The mascara on the wand dries out as you use the wand daily so by cleaning off all the mascara, you are not reinserting dry mascara. A tip: Cut the wand off an old mascara cap, wash the inside of the cap, and use it to close the current mascara you are using. Save a couple of old mascara wands and can keep them in a small jar of alcohol (like an empty prescription pill container). When you are ready to use mascara, take one of the wands from the jar, rinse, shake it dry, and insert it into the cylinder. Move it up and down to coat it with mascara and after you remove it put the cap back on. This will ensure a clean wand and keep the mascara from drying out. Another tip: After you coat the mascara wand, wipe the wand gently on a paper towel (it resists tearing). This will remove the excess mascara so you can apply it evenly on your lashes.

Is Benefit Mascara waterproof?

Benefit BADgal mascara is waterproof according to Sephora. It is also smudge- and tear-proof and is long-lasting.

How do you perfect long eyelashes?

For really nice and long eyelashes I would recommend a good mascara , maybe one by the company MAC or the COVER GIRL's LASH BLAST mascara !

What age should you wear mascara?

you should start wearing it about 13 and over

When do mascaras expire?

Makeup doesn't have an expiry date per say...If you look on containers of make-up or toiletries you see what looks like an open jar with '3M', '6M', '12M', etc. which refers to how long you can keep the item after opening. This is because if the product is left too long bacteria can multiply to levels that can be harmful to health or degrade the product, of course with items like make-up you may introduce bacteria from your hands or face to the product too.Mascara should be disposed of after 3 months - this is important because mascara is used around the eyes, an area prone to infection, so mascara should be replaced often to avoid bacterial build-up, and never share mascara with anyone else. Mascara also tends to degrade quite fast, once opened it has a tendency to dry-out so clump-up.

How long does it take for mascara to dry out?

It depends on the mascara and how much use it gets. If your mascara dried out super fast and it is still under 6 months old you can put three or four eyedrops in the bottle, swirl around with your mascara wand, and it shouldn't be dry and you're able to use your favourite mascara again!

How long should you need to keep a splint on a broken finger?

Answering "How long should you need to keep a splint on a broken finger?"

Should under 14s wear makeup?

umm well yes 14 you should wear eyeliner,mascara,eyeshadow,blush and gloss. 13,mascara,eyeshadow, white eyeliner,blush,and gloss any other age than that should wear eyeshadow,gloss and brown mascara

Should you put water in your mascara to extend it?

No, once you have had mascara about 6 months throw it away. It can get bacteria in it and give you an eye infection.

What is clear mascara?

Mascara that is called clear mascara

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