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You should keep your mascara until it gets real hard inside of the mascara container/bottle. Mascara should not be clumped before you put it on your eye lashes. My opinion, you should keep mascara for no longer than a month. At some times the mascara can still be good longer than a month. It all depends on the brand of mascara you have.

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Q: How long should you keep mascara?
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What makeup should you wear with a long silver dress?

black mascara

How long should mascara be used before replacing it?

About 3 months or when it starts to dry out.

What is the best mascara brand for someone with long eyelashes?

Well, this is my opinion. I think that you should just get black reg mascara, because they are already long why make them any longer. Get my point? I have long lashes so... That is what i use! :)

How long does greatlash mascara last?

Mascara is good for six months after you open it for the first time! After that you should buy a new tube if its not all used up before then.

Do you have to wear mascara with fake eyelashes?

No. If they're really long, mascara is unnecessary.

How do you keep your mascara from creating raccoon eyes?

By using a good quality mascara that doesn't flake. If your raccoon eyes are from sweat, try waterproof mascara.

How long until eye makeup may be worn?

mascara you should nnot have more than 3 monthsd

Why should you take your mascara off before bed?

if you dont the mascara get clumped on to your lashes and then they fall out leaving you with hardly any lashes to put mascara on :/

Should small children use mascara?


What can you use to renew mascara?

A little water or liquid eye makeup remover. Remember though not to keep mascara for more than 6 months to keep from getting eye infections.

If curling your eyelashes at gome how do you keep them curled?

Curl, Then Apply Mascara ;)

What is the best covergirl mascara?

That's really up to you. If you have long eye lashes you may like a mascara that adds volume like the lashblast volume blasting mascara or the volumeexact mascara. But if you have short lashes you may like a mascara that adds length like the Lashblast Length mascara or the Lashexact mascara. And of course they all come in a waterproof version.

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