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The person doing the piercing will advise you, but at least 6 weeks is the general rule. I highly recommend waiting 3 to 4 months before changing your jewelry. Foremost, you don't want to risk irritating your piercing while it is healing. Waiting until the skin has healed completely is better.


Whenever the swelling has gone down, and the redness has stopped. If there is skin peeling away from it, that means it is not properly healed, so DO NOT change it if any of that is happening. A belly piercing looks really good, but once it's gotten caught on something or gets infected, it doesn't look good at all.


You should wait a couple months before you change your belly button ring after you have gotten it pierced for the first time. The piercing needs to heal and be cleaned repeatedly before you attempt to change the ring to something more stylish. I suggest six months, but it also depends on how long it takes your piercing to heal. When you go to get your piercing changed, ask the person who is going to change it. They usually have a good idea if it's ready or not.

it all depends on the person.. it usually takes about 4 to 6 months for it to completely heal, but for some people it only takes 2 or 3 months.

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Q: How long should you wait before changing the ring on your belly button piercing?
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When will pain of belly button piercing subside?

The pain of the belly button piercing should subside after a week.

When can you chnage tongue piercing?

The step down barbell should be put in two weeks after the piercing has been done to prevent dental damage. the the piercing should be left alone for another 4 weeks to allow the piercing to toughen up before you get carried away changing the jewellery.

Should you take out your belly button piercing for acting?


Where should you go if you want a belly button piercing?

To a professional piercing studio or to a tattoo shop that offers the service.

How long do you need to keep your tragus piercing in before you can change it?

A Tragus piercing, being a deep cartilage piercing should be left in for a period of 3~9 months to allow the piercing to properly season and toughen. As with any piercing they are never considered fully healed until they are a full year old. So the longer you can leave it alone without changing the jewellery the better it is for the piercing.

How long should you wait before changing the jewelry in a new tongue piercing?

At least 6-8 weeks on your own. You can have your piercer do it almost at as little as two weeks.

Can you change your tongue ring in 3 days?

If you are talking about a new piercing the answer would be no. You need to wait for the swelling to settle down (about 14 days) before changing the jewellery in a new tongue piercing. Then you should see your professional body piercer to have then change it for you to ensure the piercing is healing without complications.

Can you get affected children from a belly button piercing?

No but you should remove your belly piercing while pregnant . but they do make special jewelry for that . and piercers will not pierce you if you are pregnant

What piercing should you get and why?

Nose & Belly Button They're so cute and not painful to get. Especially the nose.

What kind of jewelry is required for belly button piercing?

Belly button rings. If you look at your local jewllers, they should have some in stock for you to look at:).

Should you eat before getting a piercing?

if ur kwezy

How do you know when your belly button ring is healed?

After a time period of about 6 months you should feel no pain what so ever, no blood or fluid, and no redness around the pierced area.When removing/changing you piercing it should come out without any pain or blood.

How long should you wait to go swimming after getting a belly button piercing?

2-3 months

Should you get your belly button pierced even though you have ringworm's?

NO ,NO,NO ! You could contaminate your piercing and get a systemic infection.

How long should you wait before changing a monroe lip piercing?

It should take 3 to 5 days for your body to adjust to a peircing all depending on your body.If it doesn't look fully adjusted,don't change it.

How should a belly button piercing look after 3 weeks?

A belly-button piercing is usually still healing after 3 weeks, although the swelling and redness should have gone down and should be almost completely gone! If the area still looks irritated/puffy, or red then it's still healing. I hope this helped!(:

Should your belly button burn the second day after piercing it?

Mine did. Not as bad as it did right after it got pierced though.

How long should you wait before changing the ring in your tongue piercing?

You should probably wait about 5 months after the piercing. It may vary depending how fast your body heals. When I got my Naval pierced, I was suppose to wait 8 months to change it. I only wait about 2 and a half. You might get away with 3 :p

How long should you wait before changing a lip ring?

you should wait two weeks before changing it heals in 6 to 8 weeks

If you have had your belly button pierced twice and where the old hole was there seems to be scar tissue or a keloid that has secreted puss before How can you get rid of this?

It's not puss, your second piercing has bisected the first piercing and that is lymphatic matter "discharge" from the second piercing exiting our the first piercing location. Don't worry about it, it will heal up just fine just keep to your normal aftercare routine and all should be fine.

Changing nose ring after one week?

Well we are not big fans of changing the jewellery too soon, but if you have your piercer do it for you so the piercing doesn't get damaged, you should be alright.

How long do you have to wait before you can change your belly button ring?

Well your professional body piercer should have covered this with you during your appointment for your piercing. 3 months to 6 months is a normal average most piercers will quote because the longer the original jewellery stays in the better the piercing will heal and won't be subjected to irritation from changing the jewellery. No piercing is considered healed until it is a full year old, by that point in time it is seasoned and can handle jewellery changes and other outside irritation without becoming inflamed

What is should you do if your pierced ears keep closing?

Keep the jewellery in for a longer time before changing them. As a general rule, in the first 6 months you only have enough time to safely change a piercing, but no more.

Can you re-peirce a belly button?

Yes. You will be piercing through scar tissue if you do it in the same spot that you had done before. This should not cause problems, but some people think it is slightly more painful.

What cant you eat if you just got a belly button piercing?

I'm not really an expert in that subject, but you should probably ask whoever gave you the piercing if that's okay just to be sure.