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you can take a home pregnancy test as soon as you think you are late from your period. if you think that you are pregnant but the test proved not and you still have the symptoms then you should maybe take another test as there is no harm in this. if still this proves negative and symptoms still persist then you should contact your doctor.

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Q: How long should you wait before you take a home pregnancy test if you have not had a period in two weeks and were wondering if it is possible to be pregnant although one test was negative?
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Can a pregnancy test be negative with an ectopic pregnancy?

Although the chances are slim with a urine test performed at a doctor's office, it still can be possible to receive a negative result early in an ectopic pregnancy. If you used a home test the chances are slightly higher. If you think it is possible that you are experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, you need to go to the doctor or health department. An ectopic pregnancy can be very dangerous.

I have missed a period and a pregnancy test is negative Could i still be pregnant?

it's possible to be pregnant with a negative pregnancy test. it can be a fault negative.

Can you get negative pregnancy test results and normal periods when you?

Although rare both of these things are possible and seeing a doctor is prbably the best way to tell.

Is it possible to have had a false negative pregnancy from an expired pregnancy test from 04?


Could you be pregnant if your period is 20 days late but home pregnancy tests are negative?

Yes. Although negative home tests due decrease the possibility, you can still certainly get pregnant. You should make a doctor's appointment for a pregnancy test. That will give you the most definitive answer possible.

Is pregnancy still possible after having a period and negative test?

No, a period and a negative HPT (used at the appropriate time) indicates no pregnancy.

I'm a week late for my period and seem to be having nausea and soft and slightly tender breasts so I am wondering if it is possible to test negative in a home pregnancy test and still be pregnant?

Your symptoms sound very possible, and yes you can test negative using a home pregnancy test yet still be pregnant. If your symptoms persist or your period does not return to normal, you should make an appointment with your doctor, he/she will be able to confirm if you are pregnant or not.

Can you get a false negative pregnancy test?

Although most pregnancy tests are quite reliable nowadays, it's always possible that the result is incorrect. To have more certainty, repeat the test a couple of times and if possible, with another brand of pregnancy test, if all these tests give a negative result, it's very probable (I would say 99%) that the person is not pregnant, but to be 100% sure, you can always pay a visit to a doctor or so.

Pregnancy is it possible to be pregnant and all home tests are saying negative and you're getting your periods?

It is possible to get a false negative on a at home pregnancy test but it is not common. Go to your doctor and have a blood test done.

Is it still possible to be pregnant after having my period and a negative pregnancy test?

It is possible, but unlikely.

Is it possible to conceive eventhough the fertility chart says you were not fertile or ovulating at the time?

If the question is, "Is it possible to conceive without ovulating?" then the answer is no. However, if the question is, "Is it possible to miss the subtle signs of ovulation and fertility even when charting one's cycle?" then the answer is certainly yes. If you are wondering about pregnancy, take a home pregnancy test. (Most home pregnancy tests can detect the pregnancy hormone two weeks after ovulation, or on the first day of your missed period.) If it is negative and you still haven't gotten your period a week later, repeat the test. If the either test is positive, or if the second test is negative but you still haven't gotten your period, contact your healthcare provider.

Took a pregnancy test it was negative Is it still possible that you were pregnant and had a miscarriage?


You read a list of pregnancy symptoms and you were wondering if you dont have all the symptoms is it still possible that im pregnant?


If your wifes period was seven days late and the pregnancy test was negative is pregnancy possible?

Yes, pregnancy is still possible. The test might be out of date (ineffective) or it could be too early to test with the kit used. It is also possible that she is not pregnant.

Why would your stomach swell and you have symptoms of being pregnant if a pregnancy test is negative?

Endometriosis, possible pelvic inflamatory disease, or a false negative on a pregnancy test. Consult your physician.

Is it possible to be pregnant but all home tests are saying negative and you are getting your periods?

It is not common to get a false negative on a pregnancy test but is possible. It is best to go to your doctor in these instances.

Is it possible to miss a period have negative pregnancy test and still be pregnant?

The at-home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate. Consult your gynecologist.

Can you have a negative pregnancy test and have an ectopic pregnancy?

Due to the possibility of lower levels of hormone with ectopic pregnancy it is possible to have a home test show that you are not pregnant while you have an EP.

If your home pregnancy tests are negative is it still possible to have been pregnant and miscarry?


Is it possible to have pregnancy symptoms but home test say negative?

Hello. Yes it is possible to have pregnancy symptoms and have a negative pregnancy test. If you are pregnant the test is probably coming out negative because you dont have enough HCG in your system or you have tested too early. The best thing to do is see your doctor for a Beta HCG Quantitative pregnancy blood test. This test will tell you without a doubt if you are pregnant or not. Its the most accurate pregnancy test available and you must see your doctor for this test. Good luck. Recommend me if I have helped you.

Is it possible to be pregnant and show signs of pregnancy but get a negative answer from a home pregnancy test taken about 6 days before a missed period?


Is it possible to get a false negative blood pregnancy test?

no because if you are pregnant even at an early stage in your pregnancy the hcg hormone shows up

Is it possible to be pregnant if you had your tubes cut and burned but you are feeling sick and had a light period but two pregnancy tests were negative?

Yes. You may have an ectopic pregnancy. You should visit your doctor as soon as you suspect a possible pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy can provide innaccurate test results at home.

Is it possible to have a negative pregnancy test as you miscarry?

Possibly, if the pregnancy ended very early the hCG may have returned to pre-pregnancy levels before the miscarriage. It is more likely for the test to be negative a few days to a week after an early first trimester miscarriage.

Can you be pregnant if you take 2 pregnancy tests the first one is positive the second negative?

I would go to the doctor for a blood test to be sure, but I don't see why it couldn't be possible. Sometimes there are errors with home pregnancy tests, and sometimes they are incorrect. There is also the possibility that you have started to loose the baby and that is why it came back as negative in the second test, although I would hope that is not the case. Good luck!